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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Sixth Annual NEK Swim Week Wrap-up

Courtesy of Phil White, Lake Memphremagog, Vermont.

68 open water swimmers from 21 different states and Canadian provinces swam at least one of the 8 lakes in the Sixth Annual NEK Swim Week between August 11th through 19th.

11 swam in all 8 lakes: Crystal, Island Pond, Massawippi, Seymour, Echo, Memphremagog, Willoughby, and Caspian.

The week is organized by Kingdom Games and the Northeast Kingdom Open Water Swimming Association and sponsored by Burke Mountain Ski Resort, Community National Bank, Jay Peak Resort, Passumpsic Savings Bank, Vermont Sports Magazine, Massawippi Marina, North Hatley Marina, the Highland Lodge and the White Caps Camp Ground.

A record number of 33 swimmers entered and completed the Ninth Annual Willoughby Swim, swimming north to south with the waves and tough conditions. Seven completed the 10-mile double crossing including 11-year-old Margaret Rivard who now replaces her older sister Vera as the youngest person to double cross Willoughby.

15 swimmers crossed 9 miles across Lake Massawippi with 5 completing an 18-mile double crossing including 14-year-old Vera Rivard, who is now the youngest to complete the 18-mile challenge. 64-year-old Paula Yankouskas became the oldest to swim the double crossing, while 37-year-old Stephen Rouch set the record for the Massawippi Double Cross with a time of 8 hours 48 minutes 29 seconds.

Clubhous Swim Results in Lake Memphremagog:
1. Stephen Rouch 2:44:31
2. Christopher Garvin 2:44:31
3. Charlotte Brynn 3:13:32
4. Vera Rivard 3:22:57
5. Natalie Lang 3:33:34
6. Margaret Rivard 3:36:35
7. Alison Meehan 3:39:59
8. Justine Brousseau 3:45:56
9. Hannah Plimpton 3:47:23
10. Sue-ellen Booher 4:07:12
11. Paula Yankauskas 4:39:19
12. Gigi Goesling 4:53:15
13. Lyn Goldsmith 4:56:37
DNF Janine Serell
DNF Bonnie Wright

Willoughby 5 Miles North to South Male Results:
1. Stephen Rouch 1:55:22
2. Christopher Borgatti 1:57:41
3. Rachel Horgan 2:00:24
4. Hopper McDonough 2:08:46
5. Charlotte Brynn 2:10:40
6. Vera Rivard 2:12:29
7. Margaret Rivard 2:19:33
8. William Pease 2:21:08
9. Natalie Lang 2:24:49
10. Andrew Westbrook 2:26:13
11. William Bush 2:26:32
12. Heather Perry 2:29:11
13. Katherine Merrill 2:34:42
14. Justine Brousseau 2:34:58
15. Barry Barone 2:36:31
16. Kay Thomas 2:41:59
17. Sue-ellen Booher 2:47:33
18. Megan (Meg) Willoughby 2:47:53
19. Elizabeth Reardon 2:49:50
20. Tiffany McQueen 2:57:39
21. Paula Yankauskas 2:58:09
22. Jennifer Andrus 2:59:37
23. Gigi Goesling 3:12:55
24. Lyn Goldsmith 3:16:03
25. Amanda King 3:18:35
26. Bob Aitcheson 3:22:30

27. Liz Bosco 3:43:12

Island Pond Male Results:
1. Stephen Rouch 1:32:36
2. Charlotte Brynn 1:40:17
3. Vera Rivard 1:42:22
4. Margaret Rivard 1:53:18
5. Natalie Lang 1:54:36
6. Justine Brousseau 2:00:06
7. Sue-ellen Booher 2:05:26
8. Jimmy Wu 2:12:48
9. Victor Yannessa 2:18:34
10. Paula Yankauskas 2:19:58
11. Tiffany McQueen 2:27:02
12. Janine Serell 2:29:20
13. Gigi Goesling 2:29:49
14. Lyn Goldsmith 2:32:06

Lac Massawippi 9-mile South to North Results:
1. Natalie Lang 4:48:33
2. Margaret Rivard 5:04:05
3. Justine Brousseau 5:20:01
4. Hannah Plimpton 5:37:14
5. Sue-ellen Booher 5:39:04
6. Lori Carena 6:01:44
7. Gigi Goesling 6:21:24
8. Lyn Goldsmith 6:22:18
9. Tiffany McQueen 6:50:29
Lac Massawippi 18-mile North-to-South-to-North Results:
1. Stephen Rouch 8:48:29
2. Charlotte Brynn 9:02:19
3. Vera Rivard 9:39:17
4. Ken Mignosa 12:04:29
5. Paula Yankauskas 12:29:04

Seymour Results:
1. Stephen Rouch 2:53:56
2. Charlotte Brynn 3:07:00
3. Vera Rivard 3:14:13
4. Margaret Rivard 3:18:49
5. Natalie Lang 3:23:10
6. Victor Yannessa 3:31:58
7. Justine Brousseau 3:33:53
8. Alison Meehan 3:40:52
9. Sue-ellen Booher 4:00:19
10. Paula Yankauskas 4:23:27
11. Gigi Goesling 4:32:30
12. Tiffany McQueen 4:27:34
13. Janine Serell 4:37:40

Caspian 3 Miles to Bathtub Rock and Back Results:
1. Vera Rivard 1:20:30
1. Stephen Rouch 1:20:30
3. Charlotte Brynn 1:23:38
4. William Pease 1:26:10
5. Margaret Rivard 1:28:08
6. Alison Ackert 1:28:23
7. Fred Ehrsam 1:32:04 [wetsuit]
8. Natalie Lang 1:33:15
9. Leah Kelsch 1:37:57
10. Justine Brousseau 1:38:50
11. Lucy Mitchell 1:42:23 [wetsuit]
12. Cindy Rodd 1:44:17 [wetsuit]
13. Alice Urban 1:44:39
14. Spencer Dalby 1:44:49 [wetsuit]
15. Sue-ellen Booher 1:45:00
16. Paula Yankauskas 1:51:04
17. Gigi Goesling 2:00:20
18. Amanda King 2:04:47
19. Vincent Librandi 2:11:59 [wetsuit]
20. Steven Willens 2:14:41 [wetsuit]
21. Tiffany McQueen 2:16:08
22. James Nault 2:18:54 [wetsuit]
23. Jill Mathers 2:42:12

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