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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Feminine Open Water Guidance, Influence, Coaching

Courtesy of Nicole M. LaVoi, Ph.D. [shown on left], author of Head Coaches of Women’s NCAA Division I Collegiate Teams and Head Coaches of Women’s NCAA Division III Collegiate Teams.

Across the 50 states of the USA, there are 3,517 head coaches of women’s teams at 349 NCAA Division I universities.

Nicole M. LaVoi, Ph.D., co-director of the Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport, and intern Hannah Silva-Breen identified only 35 women as head coaches of pool swimming teams among the 195 institutions that offer competitive swimming.

This 17.9% is among the lowest percentages across all sports where women are employed as a head coach at a major university. Across all sports in comparison, the 41.7% of the head coaching positions are held by women.

At the NCAA Division III level, there are 4,238 head coach positions of women’s teams from 444 institutions. 26.1% of the available head coaching swim team positions are currently held by women, a bit better than at the NCAA Division I level, but lower than the 45.7% across all sports at the Division III level.

These low percentages call to mind the number of women who coach or mentor swimmers in the open water community, either part- or full-time. A partial list of these women include the following individuals:

* Abigail Fairman (USA)
* Adriana Riphagen (USA)
* Aida Molina (Spain)
* Akiko Nakazawa (Japan)
* Alexandra Carol (USA)
* Alexandra Nalevanko (USA)
* Ali Hall (USA)
* Ali Meeks (USA)
* Alison Terry (USA)
* Amanda Caldwell (USA)
* Amanda Schneider
* Amy Browning (USA)
* Amy Hall (USA)
* Andrea Gisiger (Switzerland)
* Andrea Vuturo (USA)
* Anna Ria Vallesteros (Hong Kong)
* Annabel Lavers (UK)
* Anne McLindon (USA)
* Anne-Mette Friis (UK)
* Annemarie Munk (Hong Kong)
* April Cheadle (USA)
* Ashley Massie (Australia)
* Ashley Serrago (Australia)
* Ashley Whitney (USA)
* Avila Rhodes (Canada)
* Bea Hartigan (USA)
* Beatrix Eisel (Germany)
* Becky Jackman-Beeler (USA)
* Becky McGill (USA)
* Belinda "Bee" Eichenwald (USA)
* Betsy Medalla (Philippines)
* Bonnie Schwartz (USA)
* Bonnie Stoll (USA)
* Brenda Fisher (UK)
* Brenda Sherratt (UK)
* Brianne Yeates (USA)
* Carol Lee Heltzel (USA)
* Carolanne Caron (USA)
* Carolyn Asher (Australia)
* Carrie Cook (USA)
* Catherine Vogt (USA)
* Catherine Walsh (Ireland)
* Celia Wolff (USA)
* Charlene Boudreau (USA)
* Charlotte Brynn (New Zealand)
* Cheryl Reinke (USA)
* Cheryl Zak (USA)
* Chloë McCardel (Australia)
* Chris Sifleet (Scotland)
* Christina Fonfe (Sri Lanka)
* Cindy Mabee (Canada)
* Claire Owen (Hong Kong)
* Cokie Lepinski (USA)
* Colette Duenkel (Canada)
* Colleen Mallon (Ireland)
* Colleen Shield
* Corrie Dixon (Netherlands)
* Dr. Cortney Linville (USA)
* Cristina Teuscher (USA)
* Danielle Brault (Canada)
* Dea Ann Joslin (USA)
* Deborah Milan Brudvig (USA)
* Dianne Young (Canada)
* Eileen Span (USA)
* Eilís Burns (Ireland)
* Elaine Kornbau Howley (USA)
* Elena Nembrini (Switzerland)
* Elena Sabelnikova (UK)
* Emily von Jentzen (USA)
* Eney Jones (USA)
* Erica Smith (USA)
* Esther Nuñez Morera (Spain)
* Eva Solomon (USA)
* Fiona Ford (USA)
* Fiona Southwell (UK)
* Freda Streeter, MBE (UK)
* Fukushima Kaori (Japan)
* Gabby Dickinson (Wales)
* Gemma Clarke (UK)
* Gigi Naftzger (USA)
* Giovanna Richards (UK)
* Glenda Carroll (USA)
* Glenna Nall (USA)
* Grace van der Byl (USA)
* Greta Andersen (Denmark/USA)
* Guila Muir (USA)
* Hannah Caldas (USA)
* Hazel E. Haynes (Trinidad & Tobago)
* Heather Massey (UK)
* Heather Perry (USA)
* Helen Wrenn (Greece)
* Ingrid Loos Miller (USA)
* Irene Wakeham (UK)
* Irene van der Laan (Netherlands)
* Irina Sergeevna Voronina (Russia)
* Iwasaki Soke (Japan)
* Jackie King (UK)
* Jane Katz, Ph.D. (USA)
* Janet Humphris (Hong Kong)
* Jen King (USA)
* Jen Schumacher (USA)
* Jenn Beams (USA)
* Jennifer Dutton (USA)
* Jennifer Parks (USA)
* Jenny Birmelin (USA)
* Jenny James (Wales)
* Jessica Reiter (USA)
* Joanne Jones (UK)
* Jodi Cossor (UK)
* Judith Wright (New Zealand)
* Judy Newman (Canada)
* Julia Galan (USA)
* Julia Rudzinski (UK)
* Dr. Julie Bradshaw, MBE (UK)
* Julieta Nuñez (Chile)
* June Ford (USA)
* Kara Robertson (USA)
* Karen Burton (USA)
* Karen Findlay (UK)
* Karen Mackin (USA
* Karen Mason (Ireland)
* Karen McKeachie (USA)
* Karen Robertson (Hong Kong)
* Karen Tannas (Canada)
* Karlyn Pipes (USA)
* Karuna Elliot (Australia)
* Kat Filley (USA)
* Kate Mason (Australia)
* Kate Rew (UK)
* Kathrin Lammers (Germany)
* Kathy Batts (UK)
* Katie Glenn (USA)
* Katie Pumphrey (USA)
* Kazuko Aoki (Japan)
* Kendra McDowell (USA)
* Keri-Anne Payne (UK)
* Kerri Kanuga (Canada)
* Kim Donovan (USA)
* Kim Musch (USA)
* Kimberly Rutherford (USA)
* Kirsten Read (USA)
* Kitty Tetreault (USA)
* Lai Ming (Hong Kong)
* Laura Hamel (USA)
* Laura Sajnog (UK)
* Laurel Liberty (USA)
* Lauren Grous (USA)
* Lea Kirdatt (USA)
* Leena Sharma (India)
* Lexie Kelly (USA)
* Lia Trebilcock (Australia)
* Lidiya Vlasevskaya (Russia)
* Liliana Montes (USA)
* Linda Keifer (Canada)
* Lisa Anderson (Canada)
* Lisa Batey (USA)
* Lisa Miyasugi (USA)
* Lisa Mize (USA)
* Dr. Lisa Stansbie (UK)
* Liz Pharo (Canada)
* Lori Bosco (USA)
* Lottie Lucas (UK)
* Lyudmila Popova (Russia)
* Madeleine Reynolds (Switzerland)
* Marcia Benjamin (USA)
* Marcia Cleveland (USA)
* Mareille Veenman (Netherlands)
* Maria Misfud Bonnici (Malta)
* Marian Bombom (Spain)
* Dr. Marilyn Korzekwa (Canada)
* Martha Szufnarowski (USA)
* Mary Stabinski (USA)
* Megan Melgaard (USA)
* Megan Mitchell (USA)
* Melissa Cunningham-Roberts (Australia)
* Melissa Kegler (USA)
* Michelle Evans-Chase (USA)
* Michelle Topatalo (UK)
* Miyazaki Yasuko (Japan)
* Nadine Day (USA)
* Nancy Reno (USA)
* Nanés Maza (Mexico)
* Narelle Simpson (Australia)
* Nina Gramc (Slovenia)
* Nora Toledano Cadena (Mexico)
* Norma Bellezza (Italy)
* Nuala Moore (Ireland)
* Oksana Verevka (Russia)
* Olivia Weatherill (UK)
* Patty Kohlmann (Mexico)
* Patty Nardozzi (USA)
* Patty Waldron (USA)
* Pauline Pratt (Australia)
* Pauline Squire (UK)
* Peggy Stringer (USA)
* Penny Dean, Ph.D. (USA)
* Penny McDowall (Cayman Islands)
* Pilar Geijo (Argentina)
* Rachael Wood (USA)
* Rada Owen (USA)
* Reira Hara (Japan)
* Roberta Moudry (USA)
* Robin Smith (USA)
* Dr. Rosa Sánchez (Spain)
* Rosemary George (UK)
* Rosie Foley (Ireland)
* Sakurai Tomokazu (Japan)
* Sally Anne Minty-Gravett, MBE (Jersey)
* Samantha Sears (USA)
* Samantha Sweet (USA)
* Sandra Frimerman-Bergquist (USA)
* Sara McLarty (USA)
* Shannon Gillespy (USA)
* Sheila Taormina (USA)
* Shelley Taylor-Smith (Australia)
* Siga Rose (USA)
* Staci Brode (USA)
* Stacy Sims, Ph.D. (USA)
* Stefanie Bircher (Germany)
* Sue Baxter-Winch (Australia)
* Sue Berger-Mann (USA)
* Sue Sotir (USA)
* Susan Simmons (Canada)
* Susan Williams (USA)
* Suzanne Atkinson (USA)
* Suzanne Grebe (USA)
* Suzanne Heim-Bowen (USA)
* Suzie Dods (USA)
* Syndi Goldenson (USA)
* Tamara Bruce (Australia)
* Tanaka Ai (Japan)
* Tanya Harding (UK)
* Tara Diversi (Australia)
* Tatiana Ostanina (Russia)
* Tere Fullana (Spain)
* Teruko Onuki (Japan)
* Tima Coad (Canada)
* Tracey Baumann (Zimbabwe)
* Traci McNeil (USA)
* Tracy Clark (New Zealand)
* Valentina Sadikova (Ukraine)
* Valisa Saunders (USA)
* Vanessa Mesia (USA)
* Vicki Keith (Canada)
* Victoria Rian (USA(
* Victoria West (USA)
* Wendy Neely (USA)
* Yuko Matsuzaki (Japan)
* Zada Taft (USA)

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