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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Swimming To Keep Tahoe Blue

Courtesy of Trans Tahoe Relay, Lake Tahoe, California.

Last year, the 10-mile Trans Tahoe Relay attracted over 1,200 competitors from all over the country.

For the past seven years The Olympic Club and the Trans Tahoe Relay have joined together with the League to Save Lake Tahoe in order to Keep Tahoe Blue.

Already 202 teams have registered for the 2018 Trans Tahoe Relay [see below]. For more information, visit transtahoerelay.com.

For more information on Keep Tahoe Blue, visit here.

2018 Trans Tahoe Relay Team List [as of July 3rd]
1 James Aicardi, Land Animals in the Water
2 Marcus Akerland, The Frightened Turtles
3 Heather Akuiyibo, Taking the High Rodde
4 Allan Alarab, CalTex
5 Thomas Anderson, Shivering Timbers
6 Duane Andrews, Team Mimosa
7 Colin Babcock, Real Housewives of The Olympic Club
8 Chael Banks, Angry Dolphins
9 Ian Bannister, We're HUGE In Japan
10 Jacob Barber, Swim Barbara
11 Corvin Bazgan, Dancing in the Ark
12 Eric Beckert, Tahoe Tessie Geezers
13 Scott Beeber, The Glenwood Gang
14 Rick Bold, Long slow strokes to the finish
15 Judith Boschini, Hippocampus
16 AB Bourke, Sharks and Minnows
17 Kenny Bower, Cal Bare Bears
18 Bruce Bower, Menlo Water Varmints
19 Juliana Bremer, Juliana and the B Team Girls
20 Ryan Buckham, Sunken Treasure
21 Wyatt Butler, Everyone Loves Fat Raymond
22 Henry Chan, 12,000 Strokes
23 Joseph Chance, Big D Masters
24 Jenny Chatman, Streamliners
25 Grace Chin, NBA Latitude 27-59
26 Tammy Choy, LMUnicorns
27 Jock Christie, Sleepy Hollow Slowpokes
28 Christopher Clingan, There is no Chaos, only great Energy!
29 David Cole, Longer with Big Red
30 Rebecca Coleiro, Thresher Whisperers
31 Jeff Collins, Strokes of Genius
32 Scott Connolly, WAC Attack!
33 Emily Cosse, Nasty S'women
34 B Paul Cousineau, Big Game and the Gang
35 Ian Crawford, Life Aquatic
36 Bret Cunningham, Keep Tahoe Weird
37 Dan Dell'Osso, Claremont Over-Unders
38 Patrick Devlin, Love De'm Handles
39 George Dingeldein, The Incredible Shrinking Banana Hammocks
40 Cecelia Dotzler, Tee Bee Dee
41 Brandon Drew, Exhausted Egos
42 Erik Duisenberg, Icy Dead People
43 Kristie Dunham, Merced Skimmers
44 Ryan Dunlap, Manatees + 1
45 Robert Eandi, Auburn Swinkers
46 Meghan Earley, Team Liz
47 Stephen Eccles, Barbarians' Return...with James Bond
48 Kenneth Edwards, PACIFIC
49 Ron Emhoff, SOWAT
50 Jonathan Ennis, OC MAUI CRUISERS
51 Scott Evans, Partially 20 Years Ago
52 Elliot Evers, Diminished Capacity
53 Mike Falco, I Think We Need More Alcohol
54 William Falk-Wallace, Quarter-Life Crises
55 Andrew Ferguson, Team Anxiety
56 Michael Fero, Swimmy McSwimmersons
57 Joe Ferrero, TOC Ferrero
58 Matt Flesher, Floaters
59 Rachel Flinn, NYAC Swizzlers
60 Jeffery Florczak, My Drinking Team Has A Swimming Problem
61 Kathryn Friedlander, Sink Or Swim
62 Emily Friedmann, TahoeTessies
63 Greg Geibel, Guppy Club
64 Jenny Gerson, Boulder Babes
65 Katie Glenn, Stanford Sirens
66 Kristin Gray, Not another messaging app
67 John Griffiths, The ‘Shallow Enters'
68 Michael Gutterman, The Young and the Rest of Us - Arden Hills Swimming
69 Rachele Gyorffy, Slow-Po Wo-Po
70 James Hamill, Team MJ
71 Stephen Hankins, Spunky Sea Monkeys
72 Anne Hardy, Sheepers on the Loose
73 John Harlow, NBA Originals
74 Matt Harrington, Burrito Time
75 Rob Harrison, Team Terroir
76 Laura Hayes, DCSD Stars
77 Kyle Healy, Gone in SWIMsty Seconds
78 Brian Hogan, NYAC Men
79 David Holmes, Rock Bottom
80 Katy Houston, Fresh to Deep
81 Brendon Howe, Krissy and the Manimals
82 Al Humphrey, Stanford Masters
83 Tim Hyer, Channel 4 News Team
84 Richard Jacobberger, O-OOF
85 Bryant Jacobs, El Dorado Squad
86 Lauren Jaeger, #swimlikeagirl
87 Betty Janelle, Lane 8 Bs
88 Eric Johnson, 6 Bears No Hat
89 Darryl Johnson, Arden Hills
90 Caroline Johnson, GT s'women
91 Stephen June, Glory Days
92 Elizabeth Kamai, Big Green Tuna
93 Michael Keane, BCP Thrashers
94 Mike Keck, Bay Club Coaching on the Fly
95 Clayton Keller, Kelp Krawlers
96 Charles Kennedy, Defending Champs
97 Nick Kesslering, The Big Chill
98 Perry Kiebahn, TOC Kiebahn
99 Mike Kiedel, Stiff Ripples
100 Joseph Kind, DCSD Stripes
101 Trent Kloppenburg, The Mountain Top Moisty Boyz
102 Geoffrey Koblick, 2nd Leg Naked
103 John Kocal, Team Fox
104 Mya Krikorian, SERC This!
105 Chad La Tourette, Sunnyside Sinners
106 Peter Laidlaw, In The Backpool
107 Thomas LaRocca, BEARCHOS
108 Patrick Lee, Chicken My Rooster
109 Felicia Lee, #LookGwangjuMadeMeDoIt
110 Charles Leitzell, Fatty Tuna
111 Kieron Leslie, OUTAGAS
112 Claire Linney, Dinghy Bound
113 Robert Littlefield, Tsuper Tsonic Tsunamis
114 Michelle Lower, The Saturday Morning Crew
115 Bryan Lundquist, This lake makes me wet
116 Jessica Malone, SLO Crawlers
117 Zach Margolis, South End Rosé Club
118 Jon Marshall, Fredo's Hail Mary
119 Roger Martin, Randoms
120 Peter May, Vintage O'Dowd Dragons
121 James Mayfield, Team RamRod
122 Caren Mc Namara, Tits of Steel
123 Ryan McCarthy, Turtle Geyser
124 Liz McDonald, NYAC Ladies
125 Patrick McFarlane, Sultans of Swim
126 Brian Mirkovich, PoohStrong IX
127 Rich Molsby, Walrus Team Six
128 Ross Monnich, The Purple Plums
129 Brian Moore, The Return of Skinny Pete??
130 Megan Moore, The 310 of WCM
131 Matt Moser, The Haoles
132 Ted Mulvaney, DBAFP
133 Makenzie Murphy, Tahomies
134 Brian Murray, Yeager’s Kegger’s
135 Craig Nadel, Squids
136 Kelly Naze, Bearly Swimmers
137 Katey Nelson, Left Strokers
138 Sheree Neoh, Straight Outta Hot Tub
139 Stephen Nixon, NBA 520R
140 Meghan O'Brien, SSSF
141 Joseph Omran, PIGBUSTERS
142 Troy Outman, The Guppies
143 Mary Patton, The Wedgies
144 Keith Pelzman, Little Sashimi's
145 Charlotte Buckley, I Thought This Was A Boat Race
146 John Piirainen, Perpetual Taper
147 Aaron Platshon, Team Waddlebird
148 Kirsten Plomgren, Morning Hotties
149 Phyllis Quinn, TOC 25 Years celebration team
150 Andy Ramelmeier, Salty Old Tuna
151 James Ramirez, Roofus Moonbeam & the Snurfles
152 Katie Reeves, TOC
153 Patrick Reid, Sleeves Are For Nerds
154 Jen Revelli, Revelli Racing
155 Julie Rhea, Sierra Lady Bluegills
156 Erica Roberts, Aquamoose
157 Rebecca Rogers, Ladies of the Night
158 Michael Ross, Keep Tahoe Blue
159 Neil Ruthven, Claremont Old School Groms
160 Andrea Salmi, Tunatronik
161 Naomi Salowe, Super J's
162 Tobin Schilke, AKAOH20
163 John Schwenger, Cold Momentum
164 Karen Sheehy, Vacaville Masters - Keep the Tab Open
165 Adrienne Simpson, DON'T PULL OUT VOLUME
166 Amy Sitzmann, BADASS BABES
167 Mikhael Skvarla, Sega Genecide
168 Jerad Slagle, Barracuda Business & The CL Smoothies
169 Daniel Soares, Team Radical
170 Andrew Steinheimer, Rocky Point Racers
171 Baerbel Sterling, Victor's smoking Tahoe cruisers
172 David Stewart, Vacaville Swim Club Deep Six
173 Matthew Stromberg, Poseidon
174 David Summa, The Big Chill
175 Jason Taormino, Old Guard
176 Claire Telleen, Swim Against Humanity
177 Ludo Thomasson, Les Croissants Chauds
178 George Tidmarsh, Tahoe Eleven Milers
179 Gannon Tidwell, California Raisins
180 Steven Toschi, Fellowship of Rachael's Ring
181 Hannah Tringham, Will Swim For Wine
182 Matt Tunney, Tuna Machine
183 Ricardo Urbina, TOC Urbina
184 Ryan Utsumi, Back Pool All Stars
185 Tommy Van, Team EverAthlete
186 Margaret Vartanian, Yo Momma
187 Brian Villarreal, Not From Concentrate
188 Jeanne Vukasovich, Swimming the Dream
189 Hilary Walters, Flamingos
190 Tim Wang, TOC Wang 3 3 X TOC
191 Naoko Wantanabe, Welting's 180 Women
192 Hilary Ward, Slutty Muppets
193 Charlene Wardlow, Double Diamond Dolphins
194 Nicholas Weber, Taint that Cold
195 Lindsay Wiese, Abandon Sheep!
196 Ann Willis, Women for Water Research II
197 Dan Winterrowd, Marlin Mermens
198 Catherine Wolpe, Fried Zuchs
199 Andrew Wong, Close the Gap
200 Anne Worthington, YOLO Strokers
201 Kerry Wyzykowski, Swim Reapers
202 Michael Zennedjian, Gary Chicago

2017 Trans Tahoe Relay Top 10 Results
1 TOC Elite, Team Captain Chad La Tourette 3:23:52
2 Tahoe Eleven Milers, Team Captain George Tidmarsh 3:25:18
3 Your Name Here, Team Captain Wyatt Butler 3:39:40
4 TOC - Nine Nich Males, Team Captain Mazen Aziz 3:45:27
5 Gone to Plaid (aka Ludicrous Speed), Team Captain Tom Meyer 3:48:35
6 HMSD Alums, Team Captain Sam Wollner 3:50:20
7 Stanford Sirens, Team Captain Katie Glenn 3:51:50
8 Frank Busch's Arizona Wildcats, Team Captain Matt Hurko 3:54:42
9 Northwestern Wet Willies, Team Captain Andrew Seitz 3:56:09
10 We Do It For Laureen, Team Captain Katy Houston 3:56:11

Copyright © 2008-2018 by World Open Water Swimming Association

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