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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Florian Wellbrock Wins Big-Time With Upset In Gravelines

Courtesy of Ligue Européenne de Natation, Gravelines, France.

It was an upset plain and simple. Florian Wellbrock of Germany has now become a legitimate medal threat in the 10 km distance with an unexpected, dominant victory at the LEN Open Water Cup in Gravelines, France this morning.

Outside of American Jordan Wilimovsky, nearly all the big guns on the men's elite side competed including French world champions Marc-Antoine Olivier and Axel Reymond.

But it was Wellbrock who topped the field, finishing over 11 seconds over 2016 Dutch Olympic champion Ferry Weertman.

Ligue Européenne de Natation Male Results:
1. Florian Wellbrock (GER) 1:44:15.00
2. Ferry Weertman (NED) 1:44:26.97
3. Rob Muffels (GER) 1:44:26.97
4. Logan Fontaine (FRA) 1:44:27,43
5. David Aubry (FRANCE) 1:44:28,00
6. Jack Burnell (GBR) 1:44:28,10
7. Marc-Antoine Olivier (FRA) 1:44:28,20
8. Axel Reymond (FRA) 1:44:28,99
9. Matteo Furlan (ITA) 1:44:29,81
10. Michael Brinegar (USA) 1:44:30,00
11. Taylor Abbott (USA) :44:31,47
12. Enzo Roldan Munoz (FRA) 1:44:33,00
13. Pepijn Smits (NED) 1:44:34,00
14. Pasquale Sanzullo (ITA) 1:44:34,22
15. Diogo Villarino (BRA) 1:44:44,00
16. Jean-baptiste Clusman (FRA) 1:44:48,00
17. Marcel Schouten (NED) 1:44:49,00
18. Logan Vanhuys (BEL) 1:44:52,67
19. Alberto Martinez Murcia (ESP) 1:44:53,00
20. Raul Santiago Betancoe (ESP) 1:44:53,92
21. Niklas Frach (GER) 1:44:54,00
22. Marcello Guidi (ITA) 1:45:33,15
23. Clement Batte (FRA) 1:45:49,42
24. Dimitrios Negris (GRE) 1:45:52,92
25. Athanasios Charalampos Kynigakis (GRE) 1:45:53,37
26. Brendan Casey (USA) 1:45:55,00
27. Mark Papp (HUN) 1:46:03,42
28. David Heron (USA) 1:46:04,00
29. Dario Verani (ITA) 1:46:05,00
30. YuvalI Safra (ISR) 1:46:05,00
31. Rafael Gil (POR) 1:46:06,00
32. Hugo Saillard (FRA) 1:46:06,00
33. Brennan Gravley (USA) 1:46:24,00
34. Guillem Pujol Belmonte (ESP) 1:46:24,57
35. Daniel Szekelyi (HUN) 1:46:25,00
36. Fares Zitouni (FRA) 1:46:28,09
37. Gaspar Andrade Budino (ESP) 1:46:35,58
38. Zoltan Drigan (HUN) 1:46:37,14
39. Edouard Lehoux (FRA) 1:46:40,00
40. Ferran Julia Tous (ESP) 1:47:20,00
41. Mathieu Mattlaer (BEL) 1:47:29,07
42. Marcos Godoy Martinez (ESP) 1:47:53,86
43. Roger Coma Planella (ESP) 1:47:56,00
44. Naim Mokhfi (FRA) 1:48:10,48
45. Matej Kozubek (CZE) 1:48:12,00
46. Vit Ingeduld (CZE) 1:48:12,75
47. Tiago Campos (POR) 1:48:13,00
48. Maxence Dessoit (FRA) 1:48:15,00
49. Asterios Daldogiannis (GRE) 1:48:15,46
50. Alexis Vandevelde (FRA) 1:48:17,00
51. Thomas Jansen (NED) 1:48:21,61
52. Georgios Arniakos (GRE) 1:48:30,00
53. Clément Kukla (FRA) 1:49:22,93
54. Paul Nitschke (GER) 1:49:25,00
55. Charley Iriart (FRA) 1:50:01,84
56. José Carvalho (POR) 1:50:05,00
57. Pierre Bouchon (FRA) 1:50:09,00
58. Matthieu Ben Rahou (FRA) 1:50:15,00
59. Julien Zinsmeister (FRA) 1:51:02,00
60. David Pouliot (CAN) 1:52:04,42
61. Fabien Schapman (FRA) 1:52:21,60
62. Jorgos Skotadis (NED) 1:52:25,00
63. Vojislav Sterba (CZE) 1:54:12,00
64. Pablo Le Corre (FRA) 1:54:12,39
65. Eliott Prybil (FRA) 1:54:14,00
66. Manuel Tome Sanles (ESP) 1:55:04,71
67. Alexandre Verplaetse (FRA) 1:55:15,00
68. Sander Crooijmans (NED) 1:55:29,21
69. Evgenij Pop Acev (MKD) 1:55:38,10
70. Baptiste Decamps (FRA) 1:55:40,00
71. Edouard Belanger (CAN) 1:55:45,00
72. Vincent Crooijmans (NED) 1:55:57,00
73. Jean-baptiste Antonetti (FRA) 1:55:58,00
74. Guillaume Roux (FRA) 1:56:01,00
75. Axel Parisot (FRA) 1:57:02,00
76. Philippe Landriault (CAN) 1:57:03,00
77. Benjamin Lortie (CAN) 1:58:20,00
78. Lucas Bonnal (FRA) 1:59:00,00
79. David Kuipers (NED) 1:59:01,00
80. Jules Remy (FRA) 1:59:03,00
81. Kyllian Lemarchand (FRA) 1:59:05,00
82. Jan Hercog (AUT) 1:59:30,00
83. Victor Varoqui (FRA) 2:01:20,00
84. Johan Boscher (FRA) 2:01:20,79
85. Amadou Ndiaye (FRA) 2:01:23,00
86. Alexandre Mouilley (FRA) 2:02:09,66
87. Patrick Hussey (CAN) 2:02:11,33
88. Anthony Mercury (FRA) 2:02:13,00
89. Merlin Boursier (FRA) 2:02:21,00
90. Michael Denham (FRA) 2:02:45,00
91. Victor Coisnon (FRA) 2:03:20,00
92. Aurélien Latapy (FRA) 2:04:02,12
93. Pablo Subero (FRA) 2:04:20,00
94. Paul Lesprit (FRA) 2:04:50,00
95. Clément Habasque (FRA) 2:05:26,00
96. Jeremy Branger (FRA) 2:05:45,00
97. Edouard Visbecq (FRA) 2:11:05,61
98. Laurent Guillard (FRA) 2:20:34,00
99. Adrien Pezeron (FRA) 2:20:43,24
100. Thomas Renaud (FRA) 2:26:44,24
101. Sébastien Chedru (FRA) 6:23:07,57
DNF Rayane Ferchichi (FRA)
DNF Paul Beaugrand (FRA)
DNF Tom Lerno (FRA) DNF Sébastien Dureux (FRA)
DNF Aurélien Fouchard (FRA)
DNF Stanislas Dupuy (FRA)

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