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Sunday, April 29, 2018

As Night Falls, Jamie Ann Phillips And Stefan Reinke Win

Courtesy of Kent Nicholas, Roosevelt Lake, Arizona.

Day 1 (15.2 km across Saguaro Lake), Day 2 (14.4 km in Canyon Lake), Day 3 (27.3 km in Apache Lake) and Day 4 (10 km in Roosevelt Lake) at the 2018 S.C.A.R. Swim Challenge are in the books - and Jamie Ann Phillips of Tennessee held on to win while Stefan Reinke set a new men's event record.

In 2017, Stephen Rouch won the overall title in 16 hours 48 minutes 49.3 seconds.
In 2016, Stephen Rouch won the overall title in 15 hours 45 minutes 31.11 seconds.
In 2015, Cole Gindhart won the overall title in 16 hours 13 minutes 14.8 seconds.
In 2014, Kristin Jones won the overall title in 15 hours 56 minutes 53 minutes.
In 2013, Grace van der Byl won the overall title in 13 hours 7 minutes 16 seconds.
In 2012, Kurt Dickson won the overall title (times were unrecorded).

Last night, the conditions of the night swim in Roosevelt Lake held as in the previous three days. Race director Kent Nicholas and his volunteers were grateful for the scenario that the large flotilla of swimmers and kayakers faced. "Roosevelt [had a beautiful] sunset into the final leg of SCAR. Again, conditions [were] favorable. There was a full moon to close out SCAR 2018 with glassy conditions at the finish.

It was a classic year at SCAR with so many good vibes I cannot even describe it. It was four consecutive beautiful days of perfect conditions. But as any SCAR swimmer knows, I always think it’s perfect to swim

While Phillips' victory were mightily impressive so too was the man behind her, 59-year-old Stefan Reinke of Honolulu, Hawaii.

However fast the 2018 group was and however good the conditions were, the overall records of Grace van der Byl (13:07:16) and Ned Denison (14:57:11) remain as the series standard bearers - two extraordinary marks given the large number of marathon swimming luminaries who have swum before and come after them.

On the last day, the ubiquitous Diego López Dominguez, who has been globe trotting on his Continents Seven challenge, won the last stage in a quick 2 hours 47 minutes.

Day 1 + Day 2 + Day 3 + Day 4 Cumulative Results:
1. Jamie Ann Phillips (32) 15:15:20.6
2. Stefan Reinke (59) 15:37:47.3
3. Kurt Adkins (30) 15:42:43.5
4. Mányoki Attila (44) 15:53:42.6
5. Liz Uribe (30) 16:02:25.4
6. Serbo Simeoni (52) 16:17:44.6
7. Eliza Cummings (23) 16:20:40.9
8. Mark Spratt (62) 16:40:04.3
9. Joseph Zemaitis (38) 16:46:05.0
10. Mark Smitherman (60) 16:49:22.2
11. Allison Ware (37) 17:19:44.4
12. Edward Riley (59) 17:53:38.8
13. Maureen Montgomery (57) 18:02:26.3
14. Peter Hayden (60) 18:38:06.5
15. Melinda Menzer (49) 18:54:20.4
16. Jamie Tout (64) 19:05:33.5
17. Michael Pollanen (49) 19:05:49.0
18. Wendy Van De Sompele (52) 19:06:01.4
19. Janet Harris (52) 19:12:25.2
20. Amy Gubser (49) 19:19:10.6
21. Amy Frick (51) 19:31:08.4
22. Ian Tarrant (49) 19:31:37.2
23. Courtney Paulk (48) 19:55:52.8
24. Steve Gruenwald (56) 20:05:24.5
25. Colleen Blair (40) 20:47:28.9
26. Patrick McDermot 20:48:09.7
27. Sue-Ellen Booher (65) 21:06:41.2
28. Arleen González Perez (36) 21:15:51.9
29. Robin Rose (57) 21:47:26.5
30. Paula Yankauskas (63) 22:48:15.7
31. Gerald George (59) 23:24:45.2
32. Luise Rasche (50) 23:33:33.1
33. Tiffany McQueen (45) 25:42:43.4
34. Stephanie Hopson (41) 25:53:01.1
3 races completed: Steven Minaglia (45)
3 races completed: Devon Clifford (28)
3 races completed: James Cherry (61)
3 races completed: Julie Newton (35)
3 races completed: Stephen Key (50)
3 races completed: Yasmin (Mina) Elnaccash (41)
3 races completed: Anel Sytdykova
2 races completed: Lauren Grous (34)
2 races completed: Kyle Poland (38)
2 races completed: Peter Lofquist (56)
2 races completed: Karl Pettijohn (55)
2 races completed: Cathy Harrington
2 races completed: Pat Marzulli (69)
1 race completed: Diego López Dominguez (36)
1 race completed: Thomas Schwartz
1 race completed: Mike Richley
1 race completed: Matthew Schubert
1 race completed: Stephen Rouch
1 race completed: Tom Linthicum

Roosevelt Lake Results:
1. Diego López Dominguez 2:47:57.7
2. Mányoki Attila 3:00:09.2
3. Kurt Adkins 3:00:18.6
4. Eliza Cummings 3:02:07.2
5. Jamie Ann Phillips 3:03:07.3
6. Stefan Reinke 3:06:36.6
7. Liz Uribe 3:08:51.9
8. Lauren Grous 3:09:51.7
9. Mark Smitherman 3:12:21.0
10. Steven Minaglia 3:13:13.4
11. Joseph Zemaitis 3:15:08.2
12. Mark Spratt 3:17:23.9
13. Serbo Simeoni 3:20:05.8
14. Allison Ware 3:21:13.2
15. Devon Clifford 3:23:03.4
16. Maureen Montgomery 3:27:02.7
17. Stephen Key 3:31:06.7
18. Edward Riley 3:32:26.2
19. Mike Richley 3:35:36.4
20. James Cherry 3:36:22.5
21. Jamie Tout 3:37:05.4
22. Peter Hayden 3:38:17.2
23. Melinda Menzer 3:41:00.3
24. Steve Gruenwald 3:43:22.1
25. Michael Pollanen 3:47:05.5
26. Amy Frick 3:50:33.7
27. Wendy Van De Sompele 3:53:00.7
28. Courtney Paulk 3:54:55.8
29. Ian Tarrant 3:55:24.5
30. Amy Gubser 3:56:10.0
31. Janet Harris 4:01:58.5
32. Peter Lofquist 4:06:39.4
33. Patrick McDermot 4:07:15.1
34. Sue-Ellen Booher 4:11:59.4
35. Colleen Blair 4:13:24.4
36. Robin Rose 4:27:03.0
37. Arleen González Perez 4:30:31.6
38. Paula Yankauskas 4:32:28.3
39. Luise Rasche 4:33:57.9
40. Michelle Squyer 4:44:01.6
41. Gerald George 4:47:06.8
42. Karl Pettijohn 5:04:43.2
43. Stephanie Mindlin 5:06:54.1
44. Cathy Harrington 5:09:51.5
45. Stephanie Hopson 5:10:44.1
46. Yasmin (Mina) Elnaccash 5:13:59.3
47. Tiffany McQueen 5:15:25.2
48. Anel Sytdykova 5:39:59.3
DNF Julie Newton
DNF Pat Marzulli

The results from Day 1 in Saguaro Lake are here (Stefan Reinke Outduels Serbo Simeoni On SCAR Day 1). The results from Day 2 in Canyon Lake are here. (Reinke Hangs On, Jamie Ann Phillips Swimming Strong). The results from Day 3 across Apache Lake are here (Jamie Ann Phillips Forges Into The Lead In Apache Lake).

Other articles on the SCAR Swim Challenge include Daring, Disappointment, Doubt And Discovery and Lauren Grous Stepping It Up At SCAR.

For the complete list of all S.C.A.R. competitors, visit here. For more information on the annual S.C.A.R. Swim Challenge, visit here.

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