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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Sebastian Engel, Nikola Kopecká Win At German Open

Results courtesy of www.zeitnehmung.at, Veitsbronn, Bavaria, Germany.

Breaststroke specialist Sebastian Engel of Kiel, Germany easily won the 200m breaststroke at the 2018 Ice Swimming Aqua Sphere German Open in the ice swimming venue of Veitsbronn, Bavaria, Germany.

Nikola Kopecká of the Czech Republic won the women's 200m breaststroke over Katrin Wedekind of Germany.

200m Breaststroke Men's Overall Results:
1. Sebastian Engel (Germany) 2:48.2
2. Jochen Aumüller (TSV Bernau Schwimmen, Germany) 3:08.1
3. Christof Wandratsch (KeepFrozen e.V. Team Aqua Sphere, Germany) 3:09.5
4. Marcus Reineke (Rinteln, Germany) 3:22.5
5. Jörg Selbmann (Germany) 3:23.8
6. Herbert Mack Lars (RC Abschnitt Mitte PP München, Germany) 3:30.9
7. Alexandre Fuzeau (Vikings de Rouen, France) 3:37.9
8. Adrian Alejandro Wittwer (Switzerland) 3:46.5
9. Jakub Valnicek (Czech Republic) 3:53.1
10. Michael Marx (Merchweiler Seelöwen, Germany) 4:04.8
11. Franz Herbst (TSV Erding Abt. Schwimmen, Germany) 4:09.1
12. Günther Patzig (DLRG Wismar, Germany) 4:24.7
13. Frank Donderer (Wasserwacht Finsing, Germany) 4:28.6
14. Robert Schönhofen (Wasserwacht Finsing, Germany) 4:28.7
15. Matthias Deblitz (Germany) 4:32.2
16. Wolfgang Joschko (Germany) 4:55.6
17. Ingolf Gast (Germany) 6:32.5
18. Michael Schell (Ice Swimmer Breitenauer, Germany) 6:56.9

200m Breaststroke Women's Overall Results:
1. Nikola Kopecká (Czech Republic) 3:41.2
2. Katrin Wedekind (WSV Bad Tölz, Germany) 3:54.5
3. Pavlína Procházková (Czech Republic) 4:16.8
4. Tatjana Reibling (Germany) 4:17.8
5. Dorothee Suck (Merchweiler Seelöwen, Germany) 4:59.4
6. Vasanti Niemz (Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, Germany) 5:20.8

In the 50m sprint breaststroke, Tobias Wybierek won his second sprint race of Day 2 of the German Open while Aleksandra Bednarek won her first race of the weekend.

50m Breaststroke Men's Overall Results:
1. Tobias Wybierek (Serwus Burghausen, Germany) 34.23
2. Gerrit Curcio (Italy) 38.32
3. Herbert Mack Lars (RC Abschnitt Mitte PP München, Germany) 40.56
4. Sven Sudhoff (Austria) 41.18
5. Jörg Selbmann (Germany) 41.77
6. Steffen Herzog (Germany) 42.76
7. Adrian Alejandro Wittwer (Switzerland) 42.78
8. Niklas Kalcher (Germany) 45.15
9. Stefan Runge (AMTV-FTV Hamburg, Germany) 45.84
10. Boguslaw Ogrodnik (Polish Ogrodnik Team, Poland) 46.14
11. Alexander Paukner (Germany) 47.44
12. Frank Donderer (Wasserwacht Finsing, Germany) 48.58
13. Robert Schönhofen (Wasserwacht Finsing, Germany) 49.44
14. Udo Eisenack (Germany) 50.46
15. Maciej Ogrodnik (Polish Ogrodnik Team, Poland) 51.36
16. Ingo Karge (IBM Klub Leipzig, Germany) 51.61
17. Franz Herbst (TSV Erding Abt. Schwimmen, Germany) 52.71
18. Matthias Deblitz (Germany) 53.09
19. Günther Patzig (DLRG Wismar, Germany) 53.85
20. Stefan Marienthal (Germany) 54.41
21. Ferdl Geiger (Germany) 56.04
22. Richard Hirmer (Austria) 1:01.0
23. Andreas Vossough (Germany) 1:01.9
24. Seyfi Bakircioglu (Wonnemar Sonthofen, Turkey) 2:01.1

50m Breaststroke Women's Overall Results:
1. Aleksandra Bednarek (Polish Ogrodnik Team, Poland) 40.67
2. Franziska Partheymüller (Germany) 41.83
3. Sarah Anne Richter (SSG 81 Erlangen, Germany) 41.86
4. Marion Joffle (Ois'eau libre, France) 42.1
5. Birgit Bonauer (Serwus Burghausen e.V., Germany) 47.19
6. Peggy Henning (Aqua Berlin e.V., Germany) 48.69
7. Kimberly Joschko (Germany) 49.41
8. Catriona Macpherson (wassersportverein 1923 offenbach, Germany) 50.63
9. Birgit Becher (KeepFrozen e.V., Germany) 50.91
10. Karin Kainzmaier (Serwus Burghausen, Germany) 52.21
11. Conny Prasser (KeepFrozen e.V., Germany) 53.17
12. Jane Mulderrig (Yorkshire Outdoor Swimmers, Germany) 57.06
13. Kathrin Runge (Triabolos Hamburg, Germany) 58.23
14. Yvonne Simon (SV Gladbeck 13, Germany) 59.43
15. Margrit Rudolph (Triathlöwen Bremen, Germany) 1:00.0
16. Iris Pfeiffer (Wassersportverein Offenbach 1923 e.V., Germany) 1:01.0
17. Reika Albers (Lufthansa SV, Germany) 1:02.1
18. Vasanti Niemz (Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, Germany) 1:05.4
19. Veronique Jaquet (Mach3 Köln e.V., Germany) 1:05.7
20. Nina Hammel (Ice Swimmer Breitenauer, Germany) 1:06.0
21. Dr. Marion Lausch (German Gasballoon Team Lausch, Germany) 1:06.1
22. Kathrin Jessing (Germany) 1:07.0
23. Sandra Oberlander (Germany) 1:08.2
24. Ingrid Hoffmann (Germany) 1:11.1
25. Brigitte Zoller (Germany) 1:18.1
26. Fatma Bakircioglu (Wonnemar Sonthofen, Turkey) 2:46.7

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