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Friday, June 2, 2017

The Openwaterpedia 100

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Openwaterpedia is a multi-lingual online reference and research tool for the open water swimming community that is useful for research, reference and expanding one's knowledge and appreciation of the sport.

There are currently 24,724 different entries on 59,111 pages that have been edited 473,923 times and viewed 26,823,629 times to date.

These individuals have been the most viewed since 2010:

1. Captain Matthew Webb, Great Britain ‎(90,606 views)
2. Alex Meyer, USA ‎(58,793 views)
3. Martin Strel, Slovenia ‎(39,224 views)
4. Kevin Murphy, Great Britain ‎(36,556 views)
5. Sean O’Connell, Bermuda ‎(35,962 views)
6. Penny Palfrey, Australia ‎(34,947 views)
7. José Díaz, Spain ‎(33,634 views)
8. Diana Nyad, USA ‎(33,360 views)
9. Stephen Redmond ‎(31,239 views)
10. Lori King, USA ‎(31,065 views)
11. Vicki Keith ‎(28,601 views)
12. Anna-Carin Nordin, Sweden ‎(28,195 views, shown above)
13. Darren Miller, USA ‎(27,465 views)
14. Ashley Twichell, USA ‎(26,710 views)
15. Shelley Taylor-Smith, Australia ‎(25,643 views)
16. Ned Denison, USA/Ireland ‎(25,522 views)
17. Ana Marcela Cunha, Brazil ‎(25,495 views)
18. Nejib Belhedi, Tunisia ‎(24,725 views)
19. Kim Chambers, New Zealand ‎(24,477 views)
20. Annaleise Carr, Canada ‎(24,386 views)
21. Lynne Cox, USA ‎(24,318 views)
22. Adam Walker, Great Britain ‎(24,264 views)
23. Lexie Kelly, USA ‎(23,770 views)
24. Poliana Okimoto, Brazil ‎(23,232 views)
25. Oussama Mellouli, Tunisia/USA ‎(23,130 views)
26. Juan Ignacio Martínez Fernández-Villamil, Spain ‎(22,867 views)
27. Mathilde Staerk, Denmark ‎(22,029 views)
28. Trent Grimsey, Australia ‎(21,980 views)
29. Ram Barkai, South Africa ‎(21,957 views)
30. Colin Hill, Great Britain ‎(21,920 views)
31. Grace van der Byl, USA ‎(21,130 views)
32. Keri-Anne Payne, Great Britain ‎(20,529 views)
33. Ted Erikson, USA ‎(20,019 views)
34. Anne Marie Ward, Ireland ‎(19,608 views)
35. Thomas Lurz, Germany ‎(19,117 views)
36. Bruckner Chase, USA ‎(18,994 views)
37. Petar Stoychev, Bulgaria ‎(18,980 views)
38. Lewis Pugh, Great Britain ‎(18,220 views)
39. Vito Bialla, USA ‎(18,201 views)
40. Jamie Patrick, USA ‎(18,077 views)
41. Dave Barra, USA ‎(17,747 views)
42. Pedro A Candiotti, Argentina ‎(17,510 views)
43. Craig Dietz, USA ‎(17,299 views)
44. Forrest Nelson, USA ‎(17,109 views)
45. Nuala Moore, Ireland ‎(16,830 views)
46. Pat Gallant-Charette, USA ‎(16,782 views)
47. Evan Morrison, USA ‎(16,752 views)
48. Marilyn Bell, Canada ‎(16,700 views)
49. Elizabeth Fry, USA ‎(16,622 views)
50. Michelle Macy, USA ‎(16,518 views)
51. Patrick Winkler, Brazil ‎(16,482 views)
52. Jason Malick, USA ‎(16,438 views)
53. Nick Adams, Great Britain ‎(16,117 views)
54. Benjamin Schulte, Guam ‎(15,696 views)
55. Angela Maurer, Germany ‎(15,529 views)
56. Allan do Carmo, Brazil ‎(15,486 views)
57. Éva Risztov‎, Hungary (15,235 views)
58. Craig Lenning, USA ‎(15,165 views)
59. Tina Neill, USA ‎(15,146 views)
60. Pilar Geijo, Argentina ‎(15,015 views)
61. Gerry Rodrigues, Trinidad and Tobago/USA ‎(15,008 views)
62. Richard Weinberger, Canada ‎(14,833 views)
63. Harry Huffaker, USA ‎(14,792 views)
64. Doug Woodring, USA/Hong Kong ‎(14,791 views)
65. Greta Andersen, Denmark/USA ‎(14,427 views)
66. Andrew Gemmell, USA ‎(14,344 views)
67. Christopher Guesdon, Australia ‎(14,180 views)
68. Christof Wandratsch, Germany ‎(14,037 views)
69. Lord Byron, Great Britain ‎(13,961 views)
70. Sid Cassidy, USA ‎(13,941 views)
71. Philip Rush, New Zealand ‎(13,472 views)
72. Alexander Brylin, Russia ‎(13,419 views)
73. Alejandra Gonzalez Lara, Mexico ‎(13,411 views)
74. Haley Anderson, USA ‎(13,165 views)
75. Anne Cleveland, USA ‎(13,122 views)
76. Henri Kaarma‎, Estonia (13,066 views)
77. Des Renford, Australia ‎(12,612 views)
78. Marcos Díaz, Dominican Republic ‎(12,604 views)
79. Masayuki Moriya, Japan ‎(12,583 views)
80. Chloë McCardel, Australia ‎(12,402 views)
81. Paul Bates, Great Britain ‎(12,327 views)
82. Sally Anne Minty-Gravett, Jersey ‎(12,236 views)
83. Elaine Kornbau Howley, USA ‎(12,199 views)
84. Benoît Lecomte, France ‎(12,189 views)
85. Jon Erikson, USA ‎(12,057 views)
86. Jim McConica, USA ‎(11,873 views)
87. Spyridon Gianniotis, Greece ‎(11,686 views)
88. Pádraig Mallon, Ireland ‎(11,612 views)
89. James Pittar, Australia ‎(11,417 views)
90. Annette Kellerman, Australia ‎(11,330 views)
91. Gertrude Ederle, USA ‎(11,281 views)
92. Andreas Waschburger, Germany ‎(11,243 views)
93. Fran Crippen, USA ‎(11,235 views)
94. Esther Nuñez Morera, Spain ‎(11,220 views)
95. Yuko Matsuzaki, Japan ‎(11,065 views)
96. Antonio Abertondo, Argentina ‎(10,858 views)
97. Alexander Studzinski, Germany ‎(10,697 views)
98. Wayne Riddin, South Africa ‎(10,418 views)
99. Martina Grimaldi, Italy ‎(10,211 views)
100. Michael Read, Great Britain ‎(10,166 views)

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