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Monday, April 24, 2017

Chelsea Colwill Wins USMS Championship Around Lido Key

Courtesy of Paradise Adventures Sarasota, Sarasota, California.

Chelsea Colwill won the U.S. Masters Swimming Marathon Distance Open Water National Championship at the Swim Around Lido Key event this weekend.

The 28-year-old Floridian was the fastest overall swimmer - male or female - completing the 7-mile (11.2 km) circumnavigation of Lido Key in Sarasota, Florida in 2 hours 26 minutes and 43.3 seconds, setting a new course record breaking the standard set by Ricardo Valdivia in 2015.

"The race went great," said race director David Miner of Swim Without Limits. "There was some very fast swimming, good conditions, and fun was had by all."

Paradise Adventures Sarasota served as the kayak sponsor of the event. Orlando Cano said, "We love being part of such an awesome experience. The swimmers are absolutely amazing for even trying something this crazy. On the day of the race, we close up shop and bring all our kayaks to Lido Key beach. We also brought the drone that we usually use to capture footage of our kayak tours and captured some really great footage of the race. We want to give a special shout out to David Miner and Steve Butler who organize this event every year."

Female Solo Results
1 Chelsea Colwill (28) 2:26:43.3 (20:58 per mile pace)
2 Christina Hitchcock (34) 2:41:22.2 (23:03 per mile pace)
3 Melissa Varlas (43) 2:41:46.0 (23:07 per mile pace)
4 Sonja Koppenwallner (40) 2:42:50.9 (23:16 per mile pace)
5 Kimberly Elsbach (54) 2:45:42.4 (23:40 per mile pace)
6 Marianne Countryman (52) 2:47:34.0 (23:56 per mile pace)
7 Karen Einsidler (60) 2:52:33.6 (24:39 per mile pace)
8 Emily Watts (49) 2:55:04.7 (25:01 per mile pace)
9 Kathleen Pelczynski (31) 2:55:34.1 (25:05 per mile pace)
10 Julie Madison (29) 2:55:36.2 (25:05 per mile pace)
11 Alison Hayden (45) 2:55:36.5 (25:05 per mile pace)
12 Cynthia Hertzer (47) 2:56:44.4 (25:15 per mile pace)
13 Shirley Loftus-Charley (65) 2:58:22.5 (25:29 per mile pace)
14 Kirsten Holz (35) 2:58:51.8 (25:33 per mile pace)
15 Helena Baker (36) 3:01:08.6 (25:53 per mile pace)
16 Catherine Rust (63) 3:01:58.4 (26:00 per mile pace)
17 Susan Ingraham (57) 3:02:44.9 (26:06 per mile pace)
18 Leigh Rey (39) 3:05:08.3 (26:27 per mile pace)
19 Malena Hankins (43) 3:05:26.9 (26:29 per mile pace)
20 Sarah Kwon (27) 3:09:12.0 (27:02 per mile pace)
21 Zena Courtney (57) 3:09:36.8 (27:05 per mile pace)
22 Amy King (47) 3:10:28.8 (27:13 per mile pace)
23 Susan Tokayer (57) 3:15:20.5 (27:54 per mile pace)
24 Suzanne Cuda (56) 3:16:09.3 (28:01 per mile pace)
25 Maren Lynch (39) 3:16:20.3 (28:03 per mile pace)
26 Lisa Stickevers (53) 3:19:46.2 (28:32 per mile pace)
27 Julie Salvetti (55) 3:19:56.7 (28:34 per mile pace)
28 Rosemary Merkel (33) 3:20:26.6 (28:38 per mile pace)
29 Robin Batchelor (59) 3:22:39.9 (28:57 per mile pace)
30 Kimberly Plewa (34) 3:23:08.2 (29:01 per mile pace)
31 Maureen Montgomery (56) 3:24:14.8 (29:11 per mile pace)
32 Kathy Farrell Guizar (44) 3:26:26.2 (29:29 per mile pace)
33 Jessica Kennedy (40) 3:27:32.5 (29:39 per mile pace)
34 Bridgette Hobart (54) 3:27:39.7 (29:40 per mile pace)
35 Anna Stantz (34) 3:28:17.4 (29:45 per mile pace)
36 Brianne Slover (37) 3:29:13.5 (29:53 per mile pace)
37 Paula Miller (44) 3:32:04.4 (30:18 per mile pace)
38 Susan Kirk (56) 3:40:04.2 (31:26 per mile pace)
39 Jennifer Bew (41) 3:41:35.8 (31:39 per mile pace)
40 Gayla Chalmers (51) 3:45:10.2 (32:10 per mile pace)
41 Bonnie Brown (49) 3:51:51.4 (33:07 per mile pace)
42 Julia Leissing (31) 3:52:14.4 (33:11 per mile pace)
43 Pia Lord (52) 3:55:43.9 (33:40 per mile pace)
44 Michelle Hawes (41) 3:56:56.4 (33:51 per mile pace)
45 Janine Serell (55) 4:06:58.3 (35:17 per mile pace)
46 Susan Malandra (47) 4:12:18.5 (36:03 per mile pace)
47 Lyngo Goldsmith (64) 4:15:18.5 (36:28 per mile pace)
48 Jia Jung (35) 4:18:25.0 (36:55 per mile pace)
49 Niki Wilson (49) 4:19:20.7 (37:03 per mile pace)
50 Nadezda Dhadiala (37) 4:34:29.0 (39:13 per mile pace)
51 Venessa Herring (50) 4:36:31.3 (39:30 per mile pace)

The men's results are posted here.

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