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Friday, October 28, 2016

Irish In The Open Water

Courtesy of Ned Denison, County Cork, Ireland.

Ned Denison updated the historical list of athletes who have completed a 5 km solo or 20 km relay in County Cork and a bit of Kerry Coastline. What is obvious is how many pioneer swims were attempted and achieved, a strong indication how fast the sport of open water swimming has grown throughout Ireland during the early 21st century.

"The reported area includes County Cork and the Kerry Coast/Islands up to Dolus Head.

This is the best record of long swims undertaken by swimmers from County Cork anywhere in the world or by anyone swimming in the reported area. This same definition is applied for Irish First listed below.

The leadership committee of the Sandycove Island Swim Club has certified this list up to September 2016. In some cases, these were witnessed swims (e.g., English Channel), in other cases, part of organised events (e.g., Beginish Island), and in other cases, the committee has relied on the word of the swimmers/boat crew and has no reason to question the veracity of the accomplishments.

The starting point of the list was to include epic swims (e.g., point-to-point rather than out-and-back) like 5 km solo swims or 20 km relays. On solo or small group swims, the distance taken was the shortest possible line regardless of the variations the swimmer actually swims. For mass swimming events, the organiser’s distance was used (e.g., the course may measure 4.75 km, but the organisers call it a 5 km swim – it is taken as 5 km for the purposes of this report). Some other shorter – but unusual or epic swims are also included.

Generally the rules include no helpful contact with the boat or another person and no rest stops on land. However, exceptions are made where the terrain forces a land crossing or staged 6+ hour training swims where standing feeds are required or the organisers’ rules insist on exit (and re=starts) for things like lightening. Generally, only swims that were completed are counted, although a few exceptions are included below

Several swimmers have requested not to be on this list, but wetsuit swims and use of flippers are included and noted (except in the initial 25 km, 10 mile and 10 km listings).

In a very rough sense (there is no formula) the solo swims and relays are ranked in order of difficulty (distance, solo versus mass swim, first ever, typical time taken, cold, typical conditions and time away from sight of land).

Many swim organisers exaggerate the distance of historic events – we are using these distances to avoid conflict

Any additions or revisions are welcome and should be addressed to ned.denison@corkopenwater.com.

"There are three different definitions of the distance of a marathon swim: 25 km, 10 miles or 16.3 km, and 10 km. 130 Cork-based swimmers reached each level and are listed below."

25 km Gold (32 swimmers) with the number accomplished listed:
Rob Bohane (2), Donal Buckley (2), Liz Buckley, Ciaran Byrne (3), Páraic Casey, Carol Cashell (2), Danny Coholan, Carmel Collins, Lisa Cummins, Ned Denison (14), Sylvain Estadieu (2), Vincent Harris, Adrian Healy, Finbarr Hedderman (2), Jennifer Hurley, Eddie Irwin (4), Jennifer Lane, Roisin Lewis, Bernard Lynch, Imelda Lynch, Liam Maher (2), Trevor Malone (2), Karen McEvoy, Gábor Molnár (6), Craig Morrison, Diarmuid O'Brien, Niall O’Crualaoich, Owen O’Keefe (4), Stephen Redmond (7), Alan Rodgers, Ken Rodgers, Ray Terry

10 miles Silver (15):
Gordon Adair, Catherine Arundel, Noel Browne, Eilis Burns, John Conroy, Nancy Edmead, Nora Irwin, Owen Kiely, Sean Murray, Damian O’Neill, Eoin O’Riordan, Eoin O’Sullivan, Riana Parsons, Nathan Timmins, Helen Walley

10 km Bronze (84):
Danielle Arundel, Steven Black, John Bowe, Charley Breen, Sean Buckley, Rita Campion, Grace Clifford, Sarah Clifford, James Colbert, James Collins, Alan Craughwell, Neill Deasy, Cyril Desmond, Declan Desmond, Niamh Dwyer, Terry Fleming, Steve Foster, Fergus Galvin, Tadhg Harrington, Angela Harris, Mike Harris, Paschal Hedderman, David Hodge, Orla Houlihan, Diarmuid Herlihy, Rian Herlihy, Orlando Hill, Billy Horgan, Mary Horgan, Sandra Howard, Alex Jeffers, David Joy, John Kearney, Ita Kirwan, Pádraig Leahy, David Lee, Maeve Linehan, Barry Madden, Catherine Mahon, Ray McArdle, Tom McCarthy, Sevy McCullagh, John McGrath, Alan McGuinness, Una McIntosh, Sarah McKnight, Sarah McSweeney, David Merriman, Denis Merritt, Jerry Moore, Frankie Moynahan, Maeve Mulcahy, Nick Mulcahy, Anna-Marie Mullally, Ann Murphy, Shane Murphy, Mairead Ni Eidhin, Deirdre Ni Challanain, Brenda O’Brien, John O’Callaghan, Brendan O'Carroll, Gerald O'Donnell, Elaine O'Grady, Michael O’Hare, Andrew O’Leary, Pat O’Loan, Dinny O’Mahony, Jonathan O’Regan, Brian O'Shea, Conor Power, Gary Quin, Judy Rea, Barbara Anne-Richardson, Kieran Ruane, Maeve Ryan, Ossi Schmidt, Jim Shalloo, Catherine Sheridan, Brenda Sisk, Niamh Sweeney, Nathan Timmons, Niall Vaughan, Robin Wells, Triona Whelan, Noel Whitty,Eilis Wilcox, Marie Watson, Alan Wilkie

Solo Swims

68 km English Channel Two-way Crossing
2009 Lisa Cummins (first Irish swimmer)

Oceans Seven (English, North, Molokai, Catalina, Tsugaru, Gibraltar, Cook)
2012 Stephen Redmond

Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming (English Channel, Catalina Channel, Manhattan Island circumnavigation)
2012 Eddie Irwin (first Irish swimmer), Ned Denison, Gábor Molnár
2013 Ciaran Byrne

North Channel (between Scotland and Northern Ireland)
2010 Stephen Redmond
2014 Finbarr Hedderman

English Channel
2005 Ned Denison, Imelda Lynch, Diarmuid O'Brien
2006 Danny Coholan
2007 Ray Terry
2008 Finbarr Hedderman, Eddie Irwin, Niall O’Crualaoich
2009 Sylvain Estadieu, Owen O’Keefe (youngest in Ireland and fastest born in the Republic), Stephen Redmond, Lisa Cummins (two-way)
2010 Donal Buckley, Ciaran Byrne, Jennifer Hurley, Liam Maher, Gabor Molnár
2012 Rob Bohane, Jennifer Lane, Craig Morrison
2015 Trevor Malone
2016 Bernard Lynch

Tsugaru Channel
2012 Stephen Redmond (first Irish swimmer)

Molokai Channel
2012 Stephen Redmond (first Irish swimmer)

False Bay
2012 Ned Denison (first Irish swimmer)

Cook Strait
2012 Stephen Redmond

Santa Barbara Channel (33 km)
2006 Ned Denison (speed record 2006-2012)

Catalina Channel
2011 Stephen Redmond (first Irish swimmer)
2012 Ned Denison, Eddie Irwin, Gábor Molnár
2014 Ciaran Byrne

Hospitalitos (hospital stay after a marathon swim)
2006 Ned Denison – hypothermia
2009 Lisa Cummins – shoulder
2010 Robert Bohane – water in lungs

Baltimore Around Fastnet and into Schull (39 km)
2011 Stephen Redmond (pioneer swim)
2012 Stephen Redmond

Around Jersey Island in Channel Islands
2010 Ned Denison
2013 Owen O’Keefe (male speed record at the time)

Around Manhattan Island, New York
2007 Ned Denison
2011 Eddie Irwin, Gábor Molnár
2012 Donal Buckley, Ciaran Byrne
2013 Carol Cashell, Lisa Cummins (boat assisted), Liam Maher (boat assisted)

Around Valentia Island (27 km)
2008 Ned Denison (pioneer swim)
2013 Rob Bohane (speed record holder)

Dingle Bay Dolus to Slea Head (24 km)
2007 Kevin Murphy (pioneer swim)

Fermoy to Youghal (60 km)
2013 Owen O’Keefe (pioneer swim)

Castletownbere to the Mizen Head (24 km)
2013 Stephen Redmond (pioneer swim)

Around Bere Island (24 km)
2013 Carol Cashel (pioneer swim)

Jersey to France (26 km)
2013 Ned Denison

Ballycotton to Ardmore (25 km)
2015 Carmel Collins (pioneer swim)

Formigues Illes to Medea (22.3 km)
2015 Eilis Burns (wetsuit)

. Formentara to Ibiza (South East End, 30 km)
2016 Ned Denison

Rottnest off Perth Australia (19.8 km)
2006 Helen Walley
2009 Jennifer Hurley, John Conroy
2010 Jennifer Hurley
2012 Ned Denison
2014 Lisa Cummins

Around Cobh Island (26 km)
2006 Ned Denison (pioneer swim)

Cork City to Myrtleville (25 km)
2009 Owen O’Keefe (pioneer swim)

Fastnet to Schull (20 km)
2009 Stephen Redmond (pioneer swim)
2012 Catherine Arundel

Sandycove to Myrtleville (24 km)
2012 Damian O’Neill (pioneer wetsuit swim)
2013 Bernard Lynch, Damian O’Neill (pioneer bioprene swim)

Skellig Michael to Portmagee (19 km)
2007 Rob Bohane (pioneer swim)
2009 Owen Kiely (wetsuit)

Fastnet to Baltimore (20 km)
2009 Stephen Redmond (pioneer swim)
2014 Noel Browne, Sean Murray (wetsuits), Eoin O’Sullivan (wetsuits)
2016 Nathan Timmins

Roches Point to Ballycotton (22 km)
2015 Carol Cashell, Eddie Irwin, Bernard Lynch, Liam Maher (pioneer swim)

Ile du Levant via Cap-Blance to Hyéres (24 km)
2014 Ned Denison (pioneer swim)

Cappoquin to Youghal (26.4 km)
2012 Owen O’Keefe (pioneer swim)

Menorca (25 km)
2015 Ned Denison

Inch to Dingle (23.5 km)
2016 Gordon Adair (pioneer swim)

Kilmakillouge Pier to Kenmare Pier (22 km)
2016 Ita Kirwan (pioneer wetsuit swim)

Swim Around Key West (20 km)
2014 Carol Cashell, Lisa Cummins, Nora Irwin, Roisin Lewis, Eoin O’Riordan, Riana Parsons

Strait of Messina (12.8 km) four-way
2014 Ned Denison (speed record)

Kilmacsimon down Bandon River to The Dock to Speckled Door (23 km)
2006 Danny Coholan and Imelda Lynch (pioneer swim)

Crosshaven to Blackrock Village (18 km)
2007 Ray Terry (pioneer swim)
2008 Owen O’Keefe

Shore to Tory Island (13.7 km)
2012 Owen O’Keefe (pioneer swim)

Rathmullan Beach to Port Salon (17 km)
2015 Eoin O’Riordan (pioneer wetsuit swim)

Cape Clear to Schull (11.8 km)
2014 Catherine Arundel and in wetsuits Danielle Arundel, Deirdre Ni Challanain, Niamh Dwyer, Sarah McKnight, Ann Murphy, Gary Quin, Robin Wells (pioneer swim)

Strait of Gibraltar (14.4 km)
2007 Diarmuid Herlihy (previous speed record for Ireland)
2008 John Kearney
2010 Sarah Clifford, Owen O’Keefe
2011 Steven Black, Imelda Lynch, Stephen Redmond, Ossi Schmidt
2012 James Collins (wetsuit), Niall Vaughan (wetsuits)
2013 Ned Denison, Eddie Irwin, David Lee, Liam Maher, Trevor Malone (speed record for Ireland), Una McIntosh (wetsuit), Sarah McSweeney
2014 Gordon Adair (wetsuit), Steve Foster (wetsuit), Rian Herlihy (female speed record for Ireland at the age of 16)
2015 Sean Murray (wetsuit), Eoin O’Sullivan (wetsuit)
Around Sherkin Island from Baltimore (16 km)
2011 Owen O’Keefe (pioneer swim)

Salutation Islands (part of Devil’s Island prisons) (12.7 km)
2016 Ned Denison (pioneer swim)

The Cold Half – Hong Kong (15 km)
2014 Ned Denison – course record

Galway Bay (10.4 km)
2009 Alan Craughwell, Pat O’Loan
2011 Alan Craughwell
2013 Jim Shalloo
2015 Riana Parsons
2016 Ned Denison, Brendan O’Brien, Barbara Anne-Richardson (wetsuit), Brenda Sisk, Marie Walson

Rathlin Island (10 km)
2008 Ned Denison

Sandycove to Speckled Door to Sandycove – twice (20 km)
2006 Danny Coholan, Imelda Lynch (pioneer swim)

Speckled Door Around the Sovereign Island and back (16 km)
2010 Gábor Molnár (pioneer swim)

Glandore Slipway to Squince Harbour and Back (15 km)
2012 Maeve Mulcahy (pioneer swim)

Around Cape Clear (13 km)
2012 Owen O’Keefe (pioneer swim)

Kilmacsimon down Bandon River to Sandycove (15.8 km)
2015 Dan Curtis

Ballycotton Pier to Caple Island (14 km)
2014 Carol Cashell, Eddie Irwin, Liam Maher (pioneer swim)

San Miguel Marina to Montana Rocca to Los Abrigos (11 km)
2014 Rian Herlihy (pioneer swim)

Baltimore to Schull (15.4 km, 10°C average)
2012 Stephen Redmond (pioneer swim)

Around Robben Island in Cape Town, South Africa (11 km)
2011 Ned Denison

Lough Erne (17 km)
2009 Ciaran Byrne, Owen O’Keefe
2015 Nancy Edmead

Ballycroneen to Garryvoe (13.5 km)
2012 Carol Cashell, Eddie Irwin (pioneer swim)

Warren Beach (Rosscarbery) to Redstrand (11 km)
2012 Ciaran Byrne, Lisa Cummins (pioneer swim)

Courtmacsherry headland to under Old Head Lighthouse (11 km)
2016 Carol Cashell (pioneer swim)

Lough Swilley (13 km)
2004 Mairead Ni Eidhin

Cork to Cobh (16 km)
2009 John Downes, Tadhg Harrington, Ciaran Byrne, Fergal Somerville, Linda Clarke, Ned Denison (pioneer swim) and in wetsuits: Nicole Clancy, Vince Harrington, Karen McEvoy, Fergus Galvin, Bernard Lynch, Alan McGuinness, David Merriman, Páraic Casey, Eilis Wilcox, Liam Maher, Billy Horgan, Eddie Irwin
2010 Carmel Collins, Ned Denison, Sue Free, Tadhg Harrington, Eddie Irwin, Jennifer Lane, Roisin Lewis, Craig Morrison, Brendan O'Carroll, Elaine O'Grady, Fergal Somerville, Fionnuala Walsh and in wetsuits Carol Cashell, John Edwards, Vincent Harris, David Merriman, Shane Murphy, Eoin O'Riordan, Brian O'Shea, Mags O'Sullivan, Alan Rodgers, Ken Rodgers, Jim Shalloo, Niamh Sweeney, Triona Whelan, Kevin Williams
2012 Colm Breathnach, Patrick Corkery, Trevor Malone, Gábor Molnár, Alan Rodgers, Ken Rodgers, Pearse Ryan and in wetsuits Maeve Carey, Fergus Galvin, Angela Harris, Vincent Harris, Adrian Healy, Maeve Linehan, David Merriman, Jonathan O’Regan, Brian O'Shea
2013 Ned Denison, Mark Hannigan, Donal Jacob, Roisin Lewis, Gábor Molnár, Jowita Pleskot, Warren Roche, Alan Rogers, Sabrina Wiedmer and in wetsuits Sean Buckley, James Colbert, Fergus Galvin, Vincent Harris, Adrian Healy, Stephen Kelly, Shane Malone, Craig Morrison
2014 Grace Clifford, Adrian Healy, Sandra Howard, Jonathan O’Regan, Alan Smith, Sabrina Wiedmer and in wetsuits Sam Blonde, Fergus Galvin, Vincent Harris, Orla Houlihan, Alex Jeffers, Ita Kirwan, Denis Merritt, John O’Callaghan
2015 Maeve Carey, Kevin Dennehy, Adrian Healy, Orla Houlihan, Jonathan O’Regan, Nathan Timmins, Sarah Tunnicliffe and in wetsuits Cyril Desmond, David Hodge, Ita Kirwan, John McGrath, David Merriman, Andrew O’Leary, Brian O’Shea, Judy Rea, Kieran Ruane

Individual Medley around Sandycove – to slip each lap (7.2 km)
2008 Trevor Woods (wetsuit)
2009 Sylvain Estadieu

Cork City to Monkstown (12.8 km)
2009 Ned Denison

Myrtleville to Monkstown (10 km) – keeping Spike to right
2013 Orlando Hill (pioneer wetsuit swim)
2015 Carmel Collins, Orlando Hill

Cape Clear to Schull (11.8 km)
2009 Stephen Redmond (pioneer swim)
2010 Stephen Redmond

Cleggan Pier to Inisbofin (11 km)
2006 Helen Walley, Imelda Lynch, Danny Coholan, Ned Denison plus John Conroy (wetsuit)

Sandycove to Speckled Door to Sandycove to Speckled Door (15 km)
2006 Danny Coholan, Imelda Lynch (several times)

Fastnet to Cape Clear (9 km)
2009 Steven Black (pioneer swim)
2015 Ned Denison (into the South Harbour) 9.1 km

Castletownshend to Union Hall (12.5 km)
2015 Noel Brown, Sean Murray (wetsuit) and Eoin O Sullivan (wetsuit) (pioneer swim)

Sandycove to Nohoval (11 km)
2012 Bernard Lynch (pioneer swim)

Copper Coast Swim
2011 Donal Buckley (2 weeks in August) in segments (pioneer swim)
Annestown to Kilfarassey (Yellow Rock), about 5+ kilometres
Annestown to Boatstrand, about 6 kilometres
Kilfarassey (Sheep Island to Yellow Rock), about 6+ kilometres
Bunmahon to Ballydowane Cove, about 5+ kilometres
Ballydowane to Ballyvooney, about 6 kilometres

Tramore Bay to Annestown Beach (10 km)
2014 Donal Buckley (pioneer swim)

Crosshaven Pier to Fountainstown to Myrtleville (10.5 km)
2012 Bernard Lynch, Damian O’Neill (wetsuit) (pioneer swim)

Wicklow (10 km)
2013 Liz Buckley (wetsuit), Carol Cashell, Ita Kirwan (wetsuit), Owen O’Keefe, Eoin O’Riordan

Triple Break of Prison Swims including (1) Robben Island in South Africa, (2) Spike Island in Ireland, (3) Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, (4) Santa Cruz Island (California), (5) Rottnest Island in Perth, Australia, (6) Île du Levan in France, (7) Île St Marguerite in France, (8) Île de Brescou in France, (9) Le Château d’If in France, (10) Devil’s Island in French Guiana, (11) Cockatoo Island in Australia, (12) plus another 30+ swims

2006 Steven Black, Joe Donnelly and Mike Harris (all in order 1, 2 then 3), Ossie Schmidt (11, 2, 3, 1), John Conroy (11, 2, 3, 5)
2006-2015 Ned Denison – 9 prison islands (2, 3, 4, 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
2008 Jennifer Hurley (3, 5, 2)

Lough Swilley (11 km)
2006 Mairead Ni Eidhin (twice)

Capel Island into Youghal Bay (11 km)
2006 Mairead Ni Eidhin (pioneer swim)

Sandycove (around the Island to Old Head, 10 km)
2014 Carol Cashell, Ned Denison, Eddie Irwin (pioneer swim)

Little Red Lighthouse Swim – New York (10 km)
2011 Carol Cashell

Tramore Bay out-and-back (10 km)
2008 Donal Buckley
2010 Donal Buckley

Sandycove to Speckled Door to Sandycove (10 km)
2006 Danny Coholan (several times), Imelda Lynch (several times), Steven Black, John Conroy (wetsuit)
2010 Rob Bohane, Donal Buckley, Ciaran Byrne, Jen Hurley
2011 Ken Rodgers, Trevor Malone (wetsuit)

La Jolla Shores South Loop (11.5 km)
2015 Ned Denison

Ballycroneen to Ballycotton (9.5 km)
2012 Ned Denison

Robben Island - Former Prison off Cape Town South Africa (7.4 km)
2001 Steven Black
2003 Steven Black, Joe Donnelly, Mike Harris
2011 Ned Denison
2015 Ned Denison
2016 Ossie Schmidt (wetsuit)

Oysterhaven around both Sovereigns (7.8 km)
2013 Brian Lanahan, Gábor Molnár (three times) (pioneer swim)

Sydney Australia (Pittwater) - Scotland Island to Lion Island (11 km)
2011 Craig Morrison

Lough Ine/Tragumna – Winding Tour/Exploration (10 km)
2011 Gábor Molnár, Craig Morrison, Owen O’Keefe

Around Cape Point into False Bay South Africa (8 km)
2011 Ned Denison (tied speed record 2011 to 2014)

Garryvoe around Ballycotton and into Ballycotton Pier (11 km)
2011 Carol Cashell, Ned Denison (pioneer swim)

Around Reengaroga Island (10.5 km)
2010 Steve Black, Sevy McCullagh (wetsuit), then later in the year John Kearney (pioneer swim)
2012 Owen O’Keefe

Achmelvich Bay Twice – North Minch Scotland (10 km)
2010 Mike Harris

Playa Honda - Airport (Lanzarote) (10 km)
2016 Gordon Adair, Orlando Hill, Barry Madden, Alan Wilkie

Puerto Calero (Lanzarote) (10 km)
2016 Gordon Adair, Orlando Hill, Barry Madden, Alan Wilkie

Blackrock Village to Cobh (13 km)
1973 Eilis Burns, Frankie Moynahan, Jerry Moore, David Joy, Rita Campion, Declan Desmond, Dinny O’Mahony, Paschal Hedderman, Catherine Mahon and others (pioneer swim)
2007 Rob Bohane, Donal Buckley, Ciaran Byrne, John Conroy (wetsuit), Ned Denison, Sally Goble, Niall MacCarthy (wetsuit), Nick Mulcahy (wetsuit), Niall O'Crualaoich (wetsuit), Ossi Schmidt (wetsuit), Noel Whitty
2008 Lisa Cummins, Sylvain Estadieu, Julieann Galloway, Charles Harper, Tadhg Harrington, Mike Harris, Jennifer Hurley, Roisin Lewis, Owen O'Keefe, Colm O'Neill, Rachel Smith, Rebecca Berkery, John Conroy, Fergus Galvin, Eddie Irwin, Bernard Lynch, David Merriman, Gerald O'Donnell, Eilish Wilcox (all wetsuit)
2009 Ray McCarthy (wetsuit)

Cuas Pier, Ardgroom to Parknasilla Co. Kerry (8.4 km)
2014 Brian O’Shea (wetsuit) (pioneer swim)

Montana Amarillo to Montana Roja - south coast Tenerife (9.5 km)
2011 Tom McCarthy

Matagorda Bay Lanzarote (8.5 km)
2016 Gordon Adair, Orlando Hill, Barry Madden, Alan Wilkie

Rocky Bay to Myrtleville (8.2 km)
2015 Gordon Adair, Eoin Lowry (pioneer swim)

Belgooly to Oysterhaven Coast Guard Station (8 km)
2014 Ned Denison (pioneer swim)

Marnathon Cap de Creus Cadeques Spain (6.5 km)
2013 Owen O’Keefe (wetsuit)
2014 In wetsuits, Eddie Irwin, Nora Irwin, Owen O’Keefe, Riana Parsons

Roches Point to Power Head (6 km)
2008 Ned Denison, Danny Walsh (wetsuit), Eddie Irwin (wetsuit), Niall O'Crualaoich (wetsuit, then swam last 2 km skins), Donal Buckley (wetsuit, then swam last 3 km skins) (pioneer swim)

KiImacsimon to Summercove (12 km)
2010 Tom McCarthy (pioneer swim)

Cape Clear Comillane to Baltimore (8 km)
2005 Ned Denison (pioneer swim)
2014 Siadbh Redmond (wetsuit), Stephen Redmond
2015 Paul Schilling, Gary Minihane (wetsuit)
Baltimore to Cape Clear Comillane (8 km)
2005 In wetsuits, Norman Kelly, Kevin O’Brien (pioneer swim)
2005 John Kearney
2011 Ned Denison, Owen O’Keefe
2012 Noel Browne and in wetsuits Michael Hurley and Sean Murray
2013 Noel Browne, Stephen Redmond, Eoin O’Sullivan (wetsuit)

Benidorn Island (7.5 km)
2015 Carmel Collis

Garryvoe to Ballycotton Island and Back (7.5 km)
2012 Helen Gibbs, Chris O’Sullivan (wetsuit) (pioneer swim)
2013 Colm Breathnach, David Dammerman, Rory Fitzgerald, Helen Gibbs, Adrian Healy (wetsuit), Trevor Malone, Penny Palfrey, Milko van Gool
2014 Keith Garry, Helen Gibbs, Colleen Mallon, Adam Walker

Fountainstown <> Church Bay and Back (8 km)
2010 Bernard Lynch and David Merriman (pioneer swim)
2011 Dave Aherne, Carol Cashell, Ned Denison, Bernard Lynch, David Merriman, Jim Shalloo (wetsuit)
2012 Ned Denison, Bernard Lynch, Owen O’Keefe, Damian O’Neill (wetsuit)
2014 Bernard Lynch (4 times)
2015 Eilish Burns (wetsuit), Eddie Irwin, Bernard Lynch (21 times), Trevor Malone

Sandycove Clockwise around then over to the Dock and back (8.5 km)
2011 Colm Breathnach, Alan Clack, Michael O’Hare, Fionnuala Walsh, Kevin Williams (pioneer swim)

Kilmacsimon to Kinslale at 0.5k past bridge (11 km)
2014 In wetsuits, Gordon Adair, Alex Jeffers, Peter Walsh

Dock2Dock London (10 km)
2016 Brenda Sisk

Clew Bay (10 km)
1999 Mary Horgan
2000 Mary Horgan
2003 Mary Horgan
2007 Donal Buckley
2009 Imelda Lynch, Ossi Schmidt (wetsuit)

Lizard Point – Cornwall (7.5 km)
2008 Owen O’Keeffe (pioneer swim)

Around Heir Island (7.5 km)
2011 Gábor Molnár, Owen O’Keefe (pioneer swim)

Ballycotton to Garryvoe and Back (8 km)
2011 Eddie Irwin, Gábor Molnár, Craig Morrisson, Billy Mulcahy, Owen O’Keeffe, in wetsuits Carol Cashell and Lynne Donnelly (pioneer swim)

Bulman Pub to Sandycove and Back (8 km)
2011 Gábor Molnár, Craig Morrisson (pioneer swim)

Kerry to Cork (6 km) West Pier (near Castle Cove) to St Catherine's Point
2014 Alan Coffey, Tom McCarthy, Sean O'Farrell and in wetsuits Sean Mannion and Peter O'Mahony (pioneer swim)

Cork to Kerry (5 km)
2002 Steven Black, Maria Blumenthal (wetsuit), Kieran Nolan (wetsuit), Ger Deasy, Imelda Lynch, Nick Mulcahy, Tommy Lee, Gilliam Lee, John Shop, Bill Steigleder, Tadhg Harrington, Trevor Woods (wetsuit) (pioneer swim)
*This list is tentative – confirmation requested as well as wetsuit versus bioprene

Minane River Dam to Roberts Cove (7 km)
2014 Tom McCarthy (pioneer swim)

Oysterhaven to Sandycove (6.4 km)
2008 Owen O’Keefe, Imelda Lynch, Lisa Cummins, Ossi Schmidt (wetsuit) (pioneer swim)

Carrigaline Bridge to RYCY (7.5 km)
1997 Mick Aherne, Bart Buckley, Jason Buckley (pioneer swim)
2010 Tom McCarthy, Jim Shalloo (wetsuit)

Portmagee to Knightstown (7.5 km)
2009 Robert Bohane, Nick Caine, Lisa Cummins, Fredrik Kumlin, Daniel Martin, Carl Reynolds, Carl Richards (pioneer swim)
2011 Graham Beaumont, Steven Black, Robert Bohane, Colm Breathnach, Donal Buckley, Ciaran Byrne, Lisa Cummins, Ned Denison, Kevin Dennehy, Rosie Foley, Robert Gallagher, Tobias Harknett, Mike Harris, Eddie Irwin, J. W. Terry Kim, John Kissane, Jennifer Lane, Finau Laurenson, Steve Maricle, David Merriman, Craig Morrison, Billy Mulcahy, Maeve Mulcahy, Andrea Newport, Cathal O'Brien, Brendan O’Carroll, Darren Travers, Fionnuala Walsh, Kevin Williams, Boyang Xu, Dennis Zhang and in wetsuits Freddie Bassett, John Battles, Sam Benson, Liz Buckley, John Carew, Carol Cashell, Enda Coffey, Declan Crowe, John Edwards, Dave Egan, Cathy Fisher, Fergus Galvin, Vince Harris, Roger Harty, Michelle Hoare, Orla Houlihan, Nora Irwin, Oran Kane, Gábor Molnár, Paul Murphy, Eoghan O’Brien, Brian O’Shea, Tim Poullain-Patterson, Niamh Sweeney, Edward Vos

2014 Gordon Adair, Robert Bohane, Patrick Corcoran, Ned Denison, Kevin Dennehy, Cathy Fisher, Finbarr Hedderman, Liam Maher, Anna McCarthy, Brendan O’Carroll, Eileen Remedios, Pearse Ryan, Tim Shalloo, Kevin Williams and in wetsuits Kieran Cremin, Vanessa Fenton, Anders Ingelsten, Ted Katan, Kirwan, Sorcha Moylan, Brian O’Shea, Mark Waters

Lough Ine to Tragumna (6 km)
2008 John Kearney
2009 – 2012 Steve Black (6 times), Noel Brown (2 times), John Conroy (wetsuit), Sevy McCullagh (4 times), David Merriman, Owen O’Keefe, Steve Redmond (2 times)
2013 Steven Black, Bethany Bosch, Colm Breathnach, Noel Brown, David Dammerman, Ned Denison, Bryn Dymott, Sylvain Estadieu, Rory Fitzgerald, Helen Gibbs, Eddie Irwin, Ger Kennedy, Thomas Kofler, Brian Lanahan, Roisin Lewis, Liam Maher, Cormac McKenna, Maeve Mulcahy, Anna-Maria Mullally, Penny Palfrey, Ranie Pearce, Jowita Pleskot, Carl Reynolds, Alan Rodgers, Ken Rodgers, Carmen Scales, Milko VanGool, Haydn Welch and in wetsuits Adrian Healy, Micheal Hurley, David Lee, Una McIntosh, Sarah McSweeney, Eoin O’Sullivan

Around Island Eddy (6.3 km)
2013 Pat O’Loan (pioneer swim)

Blennerville to Fenit (8 km)
2014 Ned Denison, Kevin Dennehy and Brian O’Shea (wetsuit)

Suspension Bridge to Star Outdoors (6.5 km)
2010 In wetsuits, Paul Kelly, Rachel Hawker, Sinead Ni Neill, Brian O’Shea, Lisa Staplebroek, Paul Tanner, Robert Whyte (pioneer swim)
2011 Steven Black, Noel Browne, Ned Denison, Bob Fitzsimons, David Merriman, Craig Morrison, Andrea Newport, Charles O’Brien, Barry O’Sullivan, Fionnuala Walsh, Kevin Williams and in wetsuits Carol Cashell, John Dunne, Cathy Fisher, Fergus Galvin, Mary Fitzsimons, Brian O’Shea, Mags O’Sullivan, Lisa Staplebroek, Robert Whyte

Ile du Levant to Port Cros (France) (5.5 km)
2016 Carmel Collins

Ile du Medes to Porquerolles (France) (5.2 km)
2016 Carmel Collins

1580 Massacre Swim - Kerry (6 km)
2009 Diarmuid Herlihy, Denis Sheehan

North and South Pole Swims
2011 and earlier Mags Buckley and Paul O’Brien

Rosie's Pub, Lower Aghada to Murph's Pub, East Ferry 6 km return)
2009 Fergus Galvin (pioneer swim)

Glandore to Adam Island and Back (6 km)
2009 Lisa Cummins, Carl Richards and in wetsuits Ossi Schmidt and Imelda Lynch

Myrtleville to Roberts Cove (5.9 km)
2014 Gary Frost (pioneer swim) and in wetsuits Amy Barry-Murphy, Harry Casey, Sean Foley, Breda Maguire, Ger Venner

Beginish Island (5.5 km)
2009 Mike Harris, Ned Denison, Jennifer Hurley, Donal Buckley, Imelda Lynch, Ciaran Byrne, Rachel Smith, Robert Gallagher, Roisin Lewis, Robert Bohane, Nuala Moore, Steve Maricle, Mags O’Sullivan, Steven Black, Ray Terry, Brendan O’Carroll, Tom Lynch, Tadhg Harrington, Danny Coholan, Pádraig Leahy, Cornelius Bohanem Kevin Williams (pioneer swim) and in wetsuits Owen Kiely, Eilis Burns, John Edwards, Orla Houlihan, David Merriman, Niamh Sweeney, Tom Burns, Ruth Bourke, Bernard Lynch, Gorretti Guilfoyle, Alan McGuinness, Angela Stubbs, John Conroy, Nicole Clancy, Neil Creedon, Francis Lynch, Fergus Galvin, Tony McGillicuddy, Tim Poullain-Patterson, Ray Donagh, Ossi Schmidt, David Egan, John Kissane, Kevin Dennehy
2010 Sorcha Barry, Robert Bohane, Donal Buckley, Ciaran Byrne, Emer Cannon, Linda Clarke, Lisa Cummins, Ned Denison, Alice Flood, Robert Gallagher, Michael Harris, Jennifer Hurley, Jennifer Lane, Padraig Leahy, Roisin Lewis, Cornelia Lyne, Steve Maricle, Gábor Molnár, Susanna Murphy, Cathal O'Brien, Brendan O'Carroll, Claire O’Sullivan, Fionnuala Walsh and in wetsuits Aidan Blackwell, Matt Bondurant, Liz Buckley, Eilis Burns, Fiona Carroll, John Casey, Nicole Clancy, Enda Coffey, Majella County, Declan Crowe, Brian Cullinan, Kevin Dennehy, John Edwards, Gorretti Guilfoyle, Vincent Harris, Michelle Hoare, Orla Houlihan, John Kissane, Mike Lane, Donal McCarthy, David Merriman, Eleanor Moore, Craig Morrison, Eoin O'Riordan, Brian O'Shea, Terry Ryan, Niamh Sweeney, Robert Whyte, Triona Whelan, Kevin Williams
2012 Ross Barrett, Steven Black, Chris Bryant, Donal Buckley, Liz Buckley, Tim Buckley, Sean Callery, Carol Cashell, Patrick Corcoran, Ned Denison, Kevin Dennehy, Donal Fitzpatrick, Denis Flynn, Rosie Foley, Robert Gallagher, Tadhg Harrington, Finbarr Hedderman, Sandra Howard, Padraig Leahy, Maeve Mulcahy, Andrea Newport, Maura O’Callaghan, Owen O’Keefe, Jonathan O’Regan, Cian O’Shaughnessy, Pearse Ryan, Martin Saunders, Kevin Williams and in wetsuits Eilis Burns, John Edwards, Vanessa Fenton, Cathy Fisher, Fergus Galvin, Vincent Harris, Adrian Healy, Orla Houlihan, Vincent Kidd, Maeve Linehan, Anna McCarthy, Karen McEvoy, Clare Morrissey, Brian O'Shea, Conn O’Shea,Tim Poullain-Patterson, James Walsh, Robert Whyte
2015 In wetsuits, Eileen Davis-Remedios and Tundi Haulik

Seven Hogs - Kerry (5 km)
2009 Eilis Burns (wetsuit)
2010 Lisa Cummins, Ned Denison, Eddie Irwin, Liam Maher and in wetsuits Liz Buckley, Eilis Burns, Billy Horgan, Oran Kane, Craig Morrison, Niamh Sweeney

Liverpool Docks Race (6 km)
2012 Ned Denison
2013 Ned Denison, Jonathan O’Regan

Tramore Bay (5 km)
2011 Carol Cashell, Ned Denison

Around Spike Island from Cobh (5.3 km)
2008 Danny Walsh (twice wetsuit), Ossi Schmidt (wetsuit), Finbarr Hedderman, Niall O'Crualaoich (wetsuit) (pioneer swim)
2009 Lisa Cummins and in wetsuits Danny Walsh, David Merriman, Imelda Lynch

2014 Danny Walsh (twice)

Around Horse Island – Kerry (from shore 5 km)
2010 Bernard Lynch and in wetsuits Imelda Lynch and Ossi Schmidt (pioneer swim)

Around Garnish Island (four times) (9 km)
2016 Charley Breen, Nathan Timmons, and possibly others

Around Garnish Island (three times) (7 km)
2013 Finbarr Hedderman and in wetsuits Imelda Lynch and Ossi Schmidt
2015 Gordon Adair, Noel Browne, Carol Cashell, Carmel Collins, Annette Cullen, Paul Curran, Kevin Dennehy, Kevin Dennehy, Orla Houlihane, Donal Jacob, Mark Lynch, Bernard Lynch, Liam Maher, Trevor Malone, Jonathan O'Regan, Stephen Redmond, Warren Roche, Peter Walsh, Sabrina Wiedmer and in wetsuits, David Hodge, Alex Jeffers, Eoin Keane, Sean Kenny, Eoin Lowry, Brenda Maguire, David Merriman, Stuart Moncrieff, Padraig O'Connor, Sinead O'Donnell, Ken O'Shea, Brian O'Shea, Ciaran Ruane, Anthony Sloman
2016 Audrey Burkery and possibly others

Around Garnish Island (twice) (5 km)
2011 Steven Black, Rob Bohane, Ciaran Byrne, Páraic Casey, Carol Cashell, Carmel Collins, Ned Denison, Tadhg Harrington, Finbarr Hedderman, Liam Maher, David Merriman, Gábor Molnár, Owen O’Keefe and Riana Parsons and in wetsuits Michael Foley, Barry Griffin, Josh McMahon, Erin Riley

2012 Steven Black, Rob Bohane, Matt Bondurant, Bethany Bosch, Colm Breathnach, Charlotte Brynn, Liz Buckley, Ciaran Byrne, Páraic Casey, Carol Cashell, Alan Clack, Ronan Collins, Alan Craughwell, Ned Denison, Ella Dunne, Bryn Dymott, Bob Fitzsimons, Helen Gibbs, Tadhg Harrington, Finbarr Hedderman, Barbara Held, Sandra Howard, Andrew Hunt, Eddie Irwin, Jennifer Lane, Pádraig Leahy, Roisin Lewis, Bernard Lynch, Liam Maher, Trevor Malone, Paul Massey, Sevy McCullagh, David Merriman, Gábor Molnár, Craig Morrisson, Neil Morton, Owen O’Keefe, Conor Power, Carl Reynolds, Alan Rodgers, Ken Rodgers, Maeve Ryan, Jen Schumacher, Catherine Sheridan, Peter Spencer, Sarah Tunnicliffe, Stephanie Voss, Fionnuala Walsh, Kevin Williams, Jenny Zwijnen and in wetsuits Laura Buckley, Gillian Collins, John Dunne, Michael Foley, Erazmus Frantisek, Ken Harte, Adrian Healy, Liadha Hourihane, Clare Kenward, Cormac McKenna, Jerry McSweeney, Eleanor Moore, Patrick Murphy, John Nunan, Eoghan O’Brien, Maura O’Callaghan, Maria O’Regan

2013 Steven Black, Noel Browne, Kevin Dennehy, Breccene Ennis, Cathy Fisher, Mark Hannigan, Tadhg Harrington, Steven Harvey, Eddie Irwin, Donal Jacob, Oran Kane, Paul Kelly, Sevy McCullagh, David Merriman, Maeve Mulcahy, Anna-Maria Mullally, Owen O’Keefe, Alex Rathke, Warren Roche, Pearse Ryan, Cliodhna O’Sullivan, Helen Silke and in wetsuits John Edwards, Michael Foley, Hans Gosen, Niall Harkin, Adrian Healy, Michael Hurely, Shane Malone, Paul Noonan, John O’Callaghan, Padraig O’Connor, Brian O’Shea, Mags O’Sullivan, James Slowey, Merlin Tanner

2015 Steven Black, Laurence Courtney, James Doolan, David Dowling, Trevor Downey, Gary Frost, Severin McCullagh, Tim McSweeney, Jerry McSweeney, Maeve Mulcahy and in wetsuits Amy Barry Murphy, John Bowe, Noel Brennan, John Brennan, Audrey Burkley, Lee Butler, Audrey Chute, Anne Collins, Declan Crowe, Cyril Desmond, John Duggan, Declan Forde, Catalina Gonzales, Paschal Horgan, Timothy Horgan, Keith Hyde, John Kiely, Ita Kirwan, David Lee, David MacCann, Barry Madden, James Makin, Armelle Mangan, Pablo Jesus Martin Guerrero, Eoin McCarthy, Therese Molyneux, Kieran Murphy. Ross O’Connor, Gavin O’Donovan, Anthony O’Shea, Kevin O'Donovan, Thom O'Dwyer, Brendan O'Regan, Anne Sheehy, Brenda Sisk, Marie Watson 2016 Finbarr Hedderman and possibly others and in wetsuit Claire Williams

Crosshaven to Graball Bay (return) (5 km)
2009 Vincent Harrington (wetsuit) (pioneer swim)

Hellespont (Asia to Europe) (4.5 km)
2008 Mike Harris
2010 Mike Harris
2011 Jane Jolly
2014 Jane Jolly
2015 Jane Jolly

Dublin Harbour (5 km)
2006 Helen Walley

Gozo to Malta (6 km)
2007 Steven Black, Liz Buckley, Mike Harris, Joan Lucey
2008 John Conroy, Mary Horgan, Imelda Lynch, Ossi Schmidt
2009 Eugene Cassidy, Evelyn Murphy
2010 Deirdre Frost

Speckled Door, then twice around the island and back to Sandycove (7.5 km)
2009 Diarmuid Boyle, Donal Buckley, Nick Caine, Danny Coholan, Alan Craughwell, Lisa Cummins, John Daly, Ned Denison, Breccene Ennis, Sylvain Estadieu, Tom Fitzsimmons, Andrea Gellan, Charles Harper, Mark Hewish, Eddie Irwin, Thomas Kofler, Fredrik Kumlin, Henry Lowther, Liam Maher, Daniel Martin, Kevin Murphy, Kieran Nolan, Owen O'Keefe, Carl Richards, Kevin Saunders, Mark Sexton and Ray Terry and in wetsuits Liz Buckley, Páraic Casey, Jennifer Hurley, Tom Lynch, Karen McEvoy, David Merriman, Gerald O'Donnell, Carl Reynolds (pioneer swim)

Kedge Island Rock to Baltimore (6 km)
2006 Ned Denison (pioneer swim)

Killiney to Bray – Petrified Forest (6 km)
2014 Ned Denison

Speckled Door, then once around the island and back to Sandycove (6 km)
2009 Ned Denison, Eddie Irwin
2015 Ned Denison, Eoin O’Riordan
2016 Ned Denison, Bernard Lynch, Eoin O’Riordan

Arranmor Island to Burtonport in Donegal (5 km)
2010 Ruairi Ward

Le Château d’If (France) (5 km)
2014 in wetsuits Andrew Gough, Fiona Gough, Keith Mackeown, Roseleen Mackeown, Tim Smyth
2015 Ned Denison

Achmelvich Bay – North Minch Scotland (5 km)
2007 Mike Harris

Oysterhaven and touch or around the Sovereign Islands (5.5 km)
2008 Lisa Cummins, Mike Harris, Finbarr Hedderman, Imelda Lynch, Ossi Schmidt (pioneer swim)
2009 Diarmuid Boyle, Ciaran Byrne, Nick Caine, Lisa Cummins, Ned Denison, Finbarr Hedderman, Thomas Kofler, Fredrik Kumlin, Carl Richards
2014 Ned Denison, Thelma Jones, Liam Maher, Gábor Molnár (June and 6,16,30 July), Maeve Mulcahy, Anna-Maria Mullally, Kevin Pierce (wetsuit)

NW Corner of Reengaroga Island to Baltimore (6.2 km)
2007 Diarmuid Herlihy, Steven Black, Ned Denison and in wetsuits Jennifer Hurley and Liz Buckley (pioneer swim)

Speckled Door to Sandycove (5 km)
2005 Danny Coholan (twice), Ned Denison (pioneer swim)
2006 Danny Coholan, Imelda Lynch, Ned Denison (several times), Ciaran Byrne, Ray Terry, Ronan Joyce, Tadhg Harrington, Dermot O’Reilly, Robert Bohane, Paul O’Brien, Margaret Buckley and in wetsuits John Conroy, Diarmuid Herlihy, Joe McKenna, Graham Collins, Jennifer Hurley, Jane McGrath, Angela Stubbs, Oswald Schmidt
2007 Owen O’Keefe, Ned Denison (3), Ronan Joyce, Helen Walley, Danny Coholan, Dermot O’Reilly, Ray Terry, Imelda Lynch and in wetsuits Ciaran Byrne, Eddie Irwin, Danny Coholan, Diarmuid Herlihy, Patrick Sheehan, Oswald Schmidt
2008 Tadhg Harrington, John Kearney, Owen O’Keefe, Ned Denison and in wetsuits Bernard Lynch, Niall MacCarthy, Ger O’Donnell
2009 Noel Whitty
2010 Steven Black, Eddie Irwin, Ned Denison (twice), Donal Fitzpatrick, Tadhg Harrington, Sandra Howard, Sevy McCullagh, Craig Morrison, Elaine O'Grady, Martin Saunders and in wetsuits Páraic Casey, Carol Cashell, Joanne Conroy, Adrian Healy, Ita Kirwan, Ray McArdle, David Merriman, Clare Morrissey, Michael O'Hare, Riana Parsons, Alan Rodgers, Keith Rodgers, Ken Rodgers, Niamh Sweeney and in a mankini for charity, Liam Maher
2011 Steven Black, Robert Bohane, Ned Denison, Caitlin Desmond, Gary Emich, Sandra Howard, Roisin Lewis, Ray McArdle, Tom McCarthy, Sevy McCullagh, Craig Morrison, Maeve Mulcahy, Martin Saunders and in wetsuits Carol Cashell, Grace Clifford, Lynne Donnelly, Fergus Galvin, Vincent Harris, Adrian Healy, Oran Kane, Trevor Malone, Eoin O' Riordan, Alan Rodgers, Kenneth Rodgers
2013 Bethany Bosch, Colm Breathnach, David Dammerman, Ned Denison, Lynsey Dunne, Sylvain Estadieu, Rory Fitzgerald, Helen Gibbs, Eddie Irwin, Nora Irwin, Thomas Kofler, Brian Lanahan, Roisin Lewis, Liam Maher, Trevor Malone, David Merriman, Jaimie Monahan, Anna-Maria Mullally, Penny Palfrey, Ranie Pearce, Jowita Pleskot, Carmen Scales, Rebecca Stewart, Sarah Tunnicliffe, Milko VanGool, Haydn Welch and in wetsuits Adrian Healy
2014 Gordon Adair, Jason Betley, Rob Bohane, Zara Bullen, Carol Cashell, Grace Clifford, Carmel Collins, Dan Curtis, Ned Denison (twice), Lynsey Dunne, Mark Evans, Keith Garry, Helen Gibbs, Adrian Healy, Finbarr Hedderman, Philip Hodges, Sandra Howard, Jeremy Irvine, Thelma Jones, Hazel Killingbeck, Annabel Lavers, Colleen Mallon, Trevor Malone (twice), Daniel Martinez Lobo, Kieran O’Connor, Alexia O’Mara, Eoin O’Riordan, Steve Payne, Kate Robarts, Ken Rogers, Zoe Sadler, Kate Steels-Fryatt, Sarah Tunnicliffe, Maura Twomey, Adam Walker, Haydn Welch and in wetsuits, Steve Foster (5 times), Alex Jeffers, David Lee, Sarah McSweeney, Eoin O’Riordan, Karine Regazzoni
2015 Gordon Adair, Rob Bohane, Zara Bullen, Lucas Carbonaro, Tracy Clark, James Clifford, Carmel Collins, Kevin Dennehy, Mark Hannigan, Adrian Healy, Finbarr Hedderman, Orlando Hill, Orla Houlihan, Amanda Hunt, Thelma Jones, Matthias Kaßner, Volker Koch, Mer Lulling, Trevor Malone, Daniel Martinez Lobo, Cormac McKenna, Neil Morton, Dave Mulcahy, Kevin Murphy, Ciarna O’Connor, Kristian O’Donovan, Eoin O’Riordan, Courtney Paulk, Alan Rodgers, John Tierney, Peter Walsh and in wetsuits, Jane Hardy, Angela Harris, Alex Jeffers, Brigeen Mallon, Mickeal Mallon, Riana Parsons, Stephanie Voss
2016 Gordon Adair, Sam Bail, Max Beer, Rob Bohane, Alison Budynkiewicz, Jorg Buttner, Dee Byrne, Tracy Clark, Danny Coholan, Ned Denison, Kevin Dennehy, Philippe Fort, Keith Garry, Adrian Healy, Finbarr Hedderman, Orlando Hill, Matthias Kaßner, Ion Lazarenco, Mer Lulling, Attila Manyoki, Maureen Montgomery, Clodagh Murray, Wes Nolan, Lisa North, Barry O’Connor, Robin Rose, Mark Smitherman, Kate Steele-Fryatt, John Tierney, Shubham Vanmali and in wetsuits, Catalina Gonzalez, Barry Madden, Aideen O’Riordan, Alan Wilkie

Nearly to Adam Island and Back (5.5 km)
2008 Jennifer Hurley and John Conroy (wetsuit) (pioneer swim)

Camden to Cobh (6 km)
1994 Mick Aherne, Bart Buckley, Aideen Jordan (pioneer swim)

Back of Beginish Island to Knightstown (5 km)
2015 Kevin Dennehy and in wetsuits, Tundi Eugenia Haulik, Ita Kirwan, Riana Parsons (pioneer swim)

Church Bay to Crosshaven (5 km)
2006 Mick Aherne, Liam Flavin, David Aherne, Elaine Aherne (pioneer swim)

Roches Point (mid-harbour) to Crosshaven (5 km)
1995 Mick Aherne, Vincent Aherne, Bart Buckley (pioneer swim)

Sandycove Clockwise around then over to the Dock (5 km)
2011 Craig Morrisson

Around Skeem Island West (5 km)
2015 Barry O’Connor (pioneer swim)

Around Skeem Island East (5 km)
2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 Barry O’Connor (pioneer swim)

Around Castle Island (5 km)
2015 Barry O’Connor (pioneer swim)

Abound the Old Head (4.5 km)
2008 Ned Denison (pioneer swim)

Around the Island of Lokrum (4.2 km)
2006 Dave Mulcahy

Out and Back Alcatraz (4.5 km)
2015 Ned Denison (pioneer swim)

Sandycove to RNLI pier (4.8 km)
2014 Gordon Adair and Alex Jeffers (wetsuit) (pioneer swim)

Around Skellig Michael (3 km)
1960s (reported) Joe Roddy, Dan McCroham
2010 Ned Denison
2013 Patrick Corcoran, Kevin Denney, Bob Fitzsimons, Padraig Leahy, Pearse Ryan and in wetsuits, Liz Buckley, Mary Fitzsimons, Vincent Kidd, Ber O’Connor, Brian O’Shea, Con O’Shea, Paul O’Sullivan, Tim Poullain-Patterson

Fresh Water Swims
Swims from Fermoy up the Blackwater are not recorded unless they go to the Mansion. No swims from slip to dam are recorded in Inniscara.

S.C.A.R. – Arizona (67 km, 4 marathon swims in 4 days
2013 Ned Denison (all including Apache 27.3 km) first Irish swimmer
2014 Anna-Marie Mullally: Saguaro (15.2 km), Canyon (14.4 km), 4 person relay Apache (27.3 km), Roosevelt (7 km – partial)
2016 Finnbar Hedderman: Saguaro (15.2 km), Canyon (14.4 km) and Roosevelt (10 km)

Békésszentandrás to Csongrád in the Körös River Hungary (48 km)
2013 Gábor Molnár (pioneer swim)

Lake Zurich - Switzerland (26.4 km)
2008 Ned Denison
2009 Sylvain Estadieu, Eddie Irwin, Liam Maher and Liz Buckley (wetsuit)
2010 Karen McEvoy, Gábor Molnár
2011 Roisin Lewis, Vincent Harris (wetsuit)
2012 Carol Cashell
2013 Alan Rodgers, Adrian Healy (wetsuit)
2014 Trevor Malone, Ken Rodgers

Lake Memphremagog (Border Buster) – Vermont, USA (25 km)
2016 Ned Denison

IJsselmeer - Netherlands (22 km)
2014 Ned Denison

Őcsöd to Csongràd in the Körös River Hungary (37 km)
2012 Gábor Molnár (pioneer swim)

Kunszentmárton to Csongrád in the Körös River Hungary (20.48 km)
2013 Gábor Molnár (pioneer swim)

Windemere (17 km)
2015 Gordon Adair

WakenitzMan from the Ratzeburger Lake to Luebeck Germany (14 km)
2012 Imelda Lynch, Ossi Schmidt

Three lakes of Killarney end to end (15 km)
2013 John Bowe (wetsuit and walked around old weir) (pioneer swim)

Athy to Carlow down the Barrow (19.5 km)
2011 Stephen Redmond (wetsuit in 6°C)

Lake Champlain Swim, New York to Vermont USA (13 km)
2006 Ned Denison

Fermoy (Ashe Quay) to Ballyduff (18.6 km)
2012 Owen O’Keefe (pioneer swim)

Ballyduff to Cappoquin (Port na hAbhann slipway) (15 km)
2012 Owen O’Keefe (pioneer swim)

Lake Anna, Virginia USA (11.5 km)
2008 Niall O’Crualaoich (wetsuit)

Ice 2 Miles (ECG in advance, doctor in attendance and witnessed in 5°C or lower)
2016 Carmel Collins (first Irish swimmer)

Ice Mile (ECG in advance, doctor in attendance and witnessed in 5°C or lower)
2013 Robert Bohane, Ciaran Byrne, Carmel Collins, Ned Denison, Finbarr Hedderman
2014 Donal Buckley, Finbarr Hedderman
2015 Robert Bohane, Noel Browne, Carmel Collins, Ned Denison, Finbarr Hedderman, Anna-Maria Mullally, Jim Shalloo

Ice 1 km Swim (ECG in advance, doctor in attendance and witnessed in 5°C or lower)
2015 Ned Denison (for a month - world record 55-59 age group, only two swimmers faster at any age)

Lough Ree (10 km)
2015 Carol Cashell, Orla Houlihan, Jonathan O’Regan

Coosan, Athlone (10 km)
2016 Charley Breen, Jonathan O’Regan, Maeve Ryan

Camlough (10 km)
2014 Ita Kirwan (wetsuit)

Mukross Lake – single loop tour along the coast (8.5 km)
2015 Andrew O’Leary, Judy Rea, Ita Kirwan (wetsuit) (pioneer swim)

Bandon to KiIlmacsimon (10+ km)
2002 Eilis Wilcox, Neill Deasy and possibly others (pioneer swim)

Caragh Lake – Kerry (8 km)
2016 Ned Denison, John Kiely,Paul Ramsell, Marie Watson and in wetsuits, David Gillespie, Robert Merrick, Ivan McCutcheon, Eric O'Brien, Rebecca Power

Lake Kezar Maine, USA Fox Cove to North End (7.5 km)
2015 Ned Denison (pioneer swim)

Lake Kezar Maine, USA Fox Cove to Upper Bay and back (7.2 km)
2016 Ned Denison (pioneer swim)

Loch Allua – Ballingeary to Inchigeelah West Cork (8 km)
2008 Dave Mulcahy, Ciaran O'Connor, Roisin Lewis, Sevy McCullagh, Jen Hurley, Imelda Lynch, Niall MacCarthy, Joe Donnelly, Finbarr Hedderman, Denis Sheehan, Diarmuid Herlihy, Ciaran Byrne, Steven Black, Rob Bohane, Ned Denison, Owen O'Keefe and in wetsuits, Rebecca Berkery, Ossi Schmidt, Fergus Galvin, Cathy Fisher, Ger O'Donnell, John Conroy, Liz Buckley, David Merriman, Angela Stubbs, Carol Cashel, Sinead Geary
2009 Brendan O'Carroll, Ciaran Byrne, Deirdre Frost, Denis Sheehan, Diarmuid Herlihy, Imelda Lynch, Jen Hurley, Linda Clark, Lisa Cummins, Ned Denison, Rob Bohane, Roisin Lewis, Sally Kelly, Sevy McCullagh, Stephen Black, Steve Maricle, Tadhg Harrington and in wetsuits, Eilish Wilcox, Alan McGuiness, Angela Stubbs, Billy Horgan, David Merriman, Eamonn Byrne, Eoin O'Riordan, Eugene Cassidy, Fergus Galvin, John Conroy, Karen McEvoy, Niamh Sweeney, Nicole Clancy, Ossi Schmidt, Vincent Harrington
2010 (as part of the distance camp) Steven Black, Robert Bohane, Liz Buckley (wetsuit), Ciaran Byrne, Lisa Cummins, Ned Denison, Jennifer Hurley, Eddie Irwin, Liam Maher, Paul Massey, Sevy McCullagh (wetsuit), Gábor Molnár, Craig Morrisson (wetsuit), Neil Morton, Catherine Sheridan, Karen Throsby
2010 (as part of normal swim) Liz Buckley, Lisa Cummins, Mark Dempsey, Ned Denison, Jen Hurley, Roisin Lewis, Sevy McCullagh, Cameron McKeever, Cormac McKenna, David Merriman, Gábor Molnár, Craig Morrison, Ellen O'Brien, Brendan O'Carroll, Cathal O'Sullivan, Fionnuala Walsh and in wetsuits, Carol Cashell, Vincent Harris, Ken Harte, Orla Houlihan, Mike Lane, Shane Murphy, Gerald O Donnell, Imelda O’Leary, Eoin O'Riordan, Brian O'Shea, Mags O'Sullivan, Riana Parsons, Alan Rodgers, Kenneth Rodgers, Oswald Schmidt, Jim Shalloo, Anglea Stubbs, Triona Whelan, Robert Whyte, Kevin Williams
2011 Colm Breathnach, Ciaran Byrne, Carol Cashell, Ned Denison, Mike Harris, Sandra Howard, Sevy McCullagh, Gábor Molnár, Billy Mulcahy, Maeve Mulcahy, Maura Murphy, Jowita Pleskot, Fionnuala Walsh and in wetsuits, Mary Fitzsimons, Imelda Lynch, Brian O’Shea, Ossi Schmidt, Robert Whyte
2012 Ciaran Byrne, Jeff Castles, Carmel Collins, Ned Denison, Bob Fitzsimons, Adrian Healy, Finbarr Hedderman, Sandra Howard, David Merriman, Maura O’Callaghan, Adrian O’Keefe, Owen O’Keefe, Alan Rodgers, Martin Saunders, Cathal Sullivan and in wetsuits, Lynne Algar, Ross Barratt, Gay Castles, Mary Fitzsimons, Denis Flynn, Carol Forbes, Angela Harris, Vincent Harris, Barbara Lehane, Maeve Linehan, Helen O’Leary, Jonathan O’Regan, Brian O’Shea, Tim Sweeney, Robert Whyte
2013 Bethany Bosch, Jim Boucher, Colm Breathnach, Grace Clifford, Aisling Corkery, Patrick Corkery, Lisa Cummins, David Dammerman, Ned Denison, Lynsey Dunne, Bryn Dymott, Sylvain Estadieu, Rory Fitzgerald, Helen Gibbs, Mark Hannigan, Mike Harris, Rian Herlihy, Sandra Howard, Eddie Irwin, Nora Irwin, Kevin Keane, Thomas Kofler, Brian Lanahan, Roisin Lewis, Kari Lienhard-Hardman, Trevor Malone, Sevy McCullagh, Ellery McGowan, Cormac McKenna, Gábor Molnár, Jaimie Monahan, Anna-Maria Mullally, Maura O’Callaghan, Jonathan O’Regan, Penny Palfrey, Ranie Pearce, Jowita Pleskot, Carl Reynolds, Alan Rodgers, Carmen Scales, Kate Steels-Fryatt, Rebecca Stewart, Sarah Tunnicliffe, Milko VanGool, Fionnuala Walsh, Haydn Welch and in wetsuits, Jane Dennehy, John Edwards, Mark Evans, Fergus Galvin, Vincent Harris, Adrian Healy, David Lee, Imelda Lynch, Shane Malone, Una McIntosh, Tim McSweeney, Dennis Merritt, JP O’Brien, Brian O’Shea, Oswald Schmidt, Angela Stubbs, Robert Whyte
2014 Gordon Adair, Jason Betley, Jim Boucher, Jim Brennan, Zara Bullen, Grace Clifford, Carmel Collins, Dan Curtis, Kevin Dennehy, Ned Denison, Lynsey Dunne, Fergus Galvin, Keith Garry, Helen Gibbs, Vincent Harris, Adrian Healy, Rian Herlihy, Philip Hodges, Sandra Howard, Jeremy Irvine, Hazel Killingbeck, Annabel Lavers, David Lee, Colleen Mallon, Trevor Malone, Daniel Martinex Lobo, Sevy McCullagh, Ellery McGowan,Jerry McSweeny, Anna-Maria Mullally, Maura O’Callaghan, Alexia O’Mara, Jonathan O’Regan, Steve Payne, Kate Robarts, Ken Rodgers, Zoe Sadler, Kate Steels-Fryatt, Sarah Tunnicliffe, Maura Twomey, Sabrina Weidmer, Kevin Willimans and in wetsuits, Anthony Camp, Denis Condon, Kieran Cremin, Jane Dennehy, Evin Donnely, Jeremy Duane, Mark Evans, Denis Flynn, Orla Houlihan, Claudine Hughes, Ted Katan, Ita Kirwan, Caitriona Lynch, Cian McMahon, Tim MacSweeney, Denis Merritt, Paul Monahan, John O’Callaghan, Eoin O’Riordan, Niall O’Shaughnessy, Brian O’Shea, Kevin Pierce, Karine Regazzoni, Angela Stubbs, Peter Walsh, Robert Whyte
2015 Gordon Adair, Donal Buckley, Zara Bullen, Tracy Clark, James Clifford, Carmel Collins, Ned Denison, Kevin Dennehy, Alice Flood, Mark Hannigan, Adrian Healy, Orlando Hill, Kieran Horgan, Amanda Hunt, Sarah Kenyon, Hazel Killingbeck, Volker Koch, Mike Latham, Mer Lulling, Bridgeen Mallon, Janet Manning, Sylvia Marino, Daniel Martinez Lobo, Severin McCullagh, Jerry McSweeney, Neil Morton, Dave Mulcahy, Kristian O’Donovan, Declan O'Keefe, Jonthan O'Regan, John O'Sullivan, Courtney Paulk, Kate Robarts, Alan Rodgers, Kenneth Rodgers, Pearse Ryan, Ann Sheehy, Mark Smitherman, Christophe Tharot, John Tierney, Sarah Tunnicliffe, Stephanie Voss, Peter Walsh, Paula Yankauskas and in wetsuits, Audrey Burkley, Denis Condon, Paul Costello, Cyril Desmond, Cathy Fisher, Catalina Gonzalez, Vince Harris, David Hodge, Ita Kirwan, Joe Lane, Owen Lowry, Micheal Mallon, Tim McSweeney, John McGrath, Denis Merritt, Mary Kate O’Keeffe, Brian O'Shea, Riana Parsons, Paschal Phelan, Kieran Ruane, Angela Stubbs
2016 Grodon Adair, Samuel Bail, Taxto Benet Ferran, Jim Boucher, Charley Breen, Ali Budynkiewiz, Deirdre Byrne-Dunne,Tracy Clark, James Clifford, Ned Denison, Kevin Dennehy, Rory Fitzgerald, Philippe Fort, Donna Galvin, Keith Garry, Alex Gaunt, Parviz Habibi, Adrian Healy, Andre Jason, Alex Jeffers, John Keily, Rosin Kelly, Ion Lazarenco, Dani Lobo, Mer Lulling, Barry Madden, Janet Manning, Sevy McCullagh, Ellerry McGowan, Lynne MacGregor, Dave Mulcahy, Lisa North, Jerry McSweeney, Jane Mitchell, Maureen Montgomery, Clodagh Murray, Wes Nolan, Brendan O’Brien, Barry O’Connor, Kristian O’Donovan Aidan O’Herlihy, Declan O’Keefe, Jonthan O'Regan, Steve Payne, Carl Reynolds, Kate Robarts Robin Rose, Anthony Sloman, Mark Smitherman, Kate Steele-Fryatt, Crispin Thorold, John Tierney, Sarah Tunnicliffe, Shubham Vanmali, Alan Wilkie, Paula Yankauskas and in wetsuits, Noreen Buttimer, Catalina Gonzalez, Ita Kirwan, Tim McSweeney, Sean O’Neill, Barbara Anne-Richardson, Angela Stubbs

River Lee Dam to County Hall (12.5 km)
1987 Terry Fleming and others (pioneer swim)
2011 Lisa Cummins, Ned Denison, Trevor Malone, Ray McArdle, Owen O’Keefe, Alan Rodgers, Ken Rodgers, Catherine Sheridan and in wetsuits, Liz Buckley, Carol Cashell, Eddie Irwin, Liam Maher
2012 Bethany Bosch, Colm Breathnach, Charlotte Brynn, Liz Buckley, Carol Cashell, Alan Clack, Carmel Collins, Ned Denison, Ella Dunne, Bryn Dymott, Barbara Held, Andrew Hunt, Brian Lanahan, Pádraig Leahy, Roisin Lewis, Bernard Lynch, Karen McEvoy, Gábor Molnár, Craig Morrisson, Neil Morton, Jim O’Connor, Michael O’Hare, Owen O’Keefe, Carl Reynolds, Jen Schumacher, Catherine Sheridan, Stephanie Voss, Fionnuala Walsh, Jenny Zwijnen and in wetsuits, Páraic Casey, Ronan Collins, Alan Craughwell, Trevor Malone, Liam Maher, Paul Massey, Riana Parsons, Alan Rodgers, Ken Rodgers
Upper Lake Killarney (7 km)
2009 Imelda Lynch, Ossi Schmidt (wetsuit)

Loch Dan (10 km)
2013 Conor Power

River Dart UK (10 km)
2014 Niall Vaughan

Ballyhooley to Fermoy (10 km)
2010 Owen O’Keefe, Ned Denison (pioneer swim)

Lough Sheelin (Cavan)
2006 Helen Walley (11 km)
2008 Imelda Lynch (15 km)
2008 Ossi Schmidt (7.5 km)
2010 Sylvain Estadieu (15 km), Ned Denison (13 km), Owen O’Keefe (10 km)

Muckross Lake Killarney (6 km)
2011 Ossi Schmidt (wetsuit)

Blackwater – Fermoy Boat Club – Upriver to Mansion and Back (6.5 km)
2008 Owen O’Keefe, Ned Denison (twice), Dave Mulcahy
2009 Ned Denison, Thomas Kofler Owen O’Keefe, Carl Richards
2011 Colm Breathnach, Charlotte Brynn, Alan Clack, Breccene Ennis, Simon Holliday, Dan Martin, Paul Massey, Billy Mulcahy, Owen O’Keefe, Michael O’Harem, Kevin Williams plus in wetsuits: Carol Cashell, Alan Rodgers, Ken Rodgers
2013 Ned Denison, Rory Fitzgerald, Helen Gibbs, Eddie Irwin, Liam Maher, Penny Palfrey
2014 Jason Betley, Zara Bullen, Ned Denison, Lynsey Dunne, Rory Fitzgerald, Keith Garry, Philip Hodges, Jeremy Irvine, Hazel Killingbeck, Colleen Mallon, Trevor Malone, Daniel Martinez Lobo, Steve Payne, Kate Steels-Fryatt, Adam Walker
2015 Sarah Brown, Zara Bullen, Tracy Clark, James Clifford, Ned Denison, Kevin Dennehy, Alice Flood, Mark Hannigan, Adrian Healy, Orlando Hill, Matthias Kaßner, Sarah Kenyon, Volker Koch, Mike Latham, Trevor Malone, Sylvia Marino, Neil Morton, Dave Mulcahy, Kristian O’Donovan, Kate Robarts, Alan Rodgers, Kenneth Rodgers, Mark Smitherman, Christophe Tharot, John Tierney, Stephanie Voss, Paula Yankauskas
2016 Max Beer, Taxto Benet Ferran, Sarah Brown, Jodie Clarke, James Clifford, Ned Denison, Kevin Dennehy, Rory Fitzgerald, Philippe Fort, Parviz Habibi, Stuart Hacker, Finbarr Hedderman, Andre Jason, Matthias Kaßner, Ion Lazarenco, Dani Lobo, Mer Lulling, Barry Madden, Attila Manyoki, Jane Mitchell, Maureen Montgomery, Clodagh Murray, Brendan O’Brien, Eoin O’Riordan, Steve Payne, Anthony Sloman, Mark Smitherman, Kate Steele-Fryatt, John Tierney, Shubham Vanmali, Alan Wilkie

River Lee Dam to Anglers Rest Beach (8 km)
2012 Helen Gibbs, Chris O’Sullivan (wetsuit)

Germany Cologne (6 km)
2008 Ossi Schmidt (wetsuit) and Imelda Lynch

German Open Water Championships (5 km)
2008 Ossi Schmidt, Imelda Lynch

Coosan, Athlone (5 km)
2016 Amy Wolfe (wetsuit)

Lake Kezar Maine, USA, Fox Cove, Across to Campground and Back (6 km)
2005 Ned Denison (pioneer swim)

Loch Allua (5 km) – Caravan to Inchigeelah West Cork
2008 Ciaran O'Connor, Jen Hurley, Diarmuid Herlihy, Ciaran Byrne (pioneer swim)
2008 Finbarr Hedderman, Roisin Lewis, Neil Morton, and in wetsuit Kieran O’Sullivan
2013 Lisa Cummins, Daniel Curtis, Diarmuid Herlihy (wetsuit)

Muckross Lake Killarney (5 km)
2010 Ned Denison, Diarmuid Herlihy, Denis Sheehan, John Conroy, Imelda Lynch, Ken Rodgers, Ossi Schmidt (wetsuit)
2011 Robert Bohane, Ciaran Byrne, Ned Denison

Serpentine (Elite's Race) (5 km)
2016 Amy Wolfe

2008 Lake Bohinj 4.1 km and Lake Bled 5km – Fergus Galvin

Relay Swims

Round Ireland Relay Swim (1500 km)
2006 Nuala Moore, Anne-Marie, Ryan Ward, Ian Claxton, Tom Waters, Henry O’Donnell (pioneer swim)

North Channel 3-person One-Way Relay (34 km)
2004 Mairead Ni Eidhin

English Channel 5-person Two-way Relays (68 km)
2008 Amy Wolfe, David Tagney, Danny Walsh, Nuala Moore, Donal Buckley (Irish Record Speed)

English Channel 6-person Two-way Relays (68 km)
2005 Steven Black, Maria Blumenthal, Liz Buckley, John Conroy, Joe Donnelly, Anne-Marie Fowler, Tadhg Harrington, Imelda Lynch, Kieran Nolan, Ciaran O'Connor, Helen Walley, Cormac Wilcox
2013 Carol Cashell, Caitlin Desmond, Lynne Donnelly, Owen O’Keefe, Eoin O’Riordan, Maeve Ryan (Irish Record)

English Channel 3-person One-way Relays (34 km)
2006 Ciaran Byrne, Steven Lynn
2014 Una McIntosh
2015 Gordon Adair, Alex Jeffers, Peter Walsh

English Channel 3-person One-way Relays (34 km)
2006 Mairead Ni Eidhin (first time the same 3-person relay did both the English Channel and North Channel)

English Channel 4-person One-way Relays (34 km)
2007 Eddie Irwin, Imelda Lynch, Patrick Sheehan, Ossi Schmidt
2010 Sean Buckley, Carmel Collins, Jennifer Lane
2012 Tom McCarthy
2016 Caitriona Kehily, Eilish Leader, Eoin Lowry, Anne Sheehy

English Channel 5-person One-way Relays (34 km)
2009 Finbarr Hedderman, Jim O’Keeffe, Peter Lynch
2014 Grace Clifford, Sandra Howard, Maeve Mulcahy, Anna-Maria Mullally, Maura O’Callaghan
2015 Jim Brennan, Dave Mulcahy, Anna-Maria Mullally

English Channel 6-person One-way Relays (34 km)
2006 Sally Kelly
2010 Kieran O’Sullivan
2016 Carol Cashel, Eleanor Courtney, Donna Galvin, Angela Harris, Orla Houlihan, Maeve Ryan

Fastnet to Schull (24 km)
2013 Two or three in the water doing 1-hour legs each, Catherine Arundel and Terry Hogan (pioneer swim) and in wetsuits, Danielle Arundel, Anne Brosnan, Niamh Dwyer, Damien Malone, Sarah McKnight, Linda Morgan, Ann Murphy, Deirdre Ni Challanain, Katrina O'Callaghan, Clodagh O'Driscoll, Gary Quin, Robin Wells, Niamh Woods
2014 In wetsuits, Imelda Lynch, Ossie Schmidt

Myrtleville to Sandycove (24 km)
2012 Carol Cashel, Caitlan Desmond, Owen O’Keefe, Maeve Ryan

Shannon (125 km) Athlone to Limerick Relay – staged over 6 days
2014 In wetsuits, James Colbert, Sean Buckley

Lake Zurich - Switzerland Relays (26.4 km)
2009 Nora Irwin, Jane McGrath, Páraic Casey, Riana Parsons
2010 Liz Buckley, Lisa Cummins, Diarmuid Herlihy plus Imelda Lynch, Ossi Schmidt

Windemere Relay over and back (34 km)
2007 Imelda Lynch, Ossi Schmidt, Patrick Sheehan, Diarmuid Herlihy

2000 - 2004, perhaps the roots of the Munster distance surge can be traced to Steve Black, Mike Harris, Imelda Lynch, Ossi Schmidt and Angela Stubbs. They would have completed the first known double lap of Sandycove Island. Angela’s 4-lap swim stood as a record until the Channel aspirants started going in 2005.

2005 - 2010
Lisa Cummins – 19 laps of Sandycove
Stephen Redmond – 12 hours Lough Ine
Imelda Lynch and Liam Maher – 16 laps around Sandycove Island (23 km)
Finbarr Hedderman – 8 hours around Sandycove (20 km)
Oswald Schmidt – 12 laps around Sandycove Island (15 km)
Ray Terry – 14 laps around Sandycove Island (18 km)
Niall MacCarthy – 6 Sandycove laps
Colm Breathnach – 6 hours Inniscara
John Kearny – Lough Ine and Baltimore Harbour – multiple laps and hours
John Conroy and Ciaran O’Connor – 2 laps of Inniscarra (tower) the reservoir dogs
Diarmuid Herlihy – 3 laps of Inniscarra (tower)
Niall O'Crualaoich 6 hour swims in Dover Harbour (Saturday and Sunday)
Ed Jeffries and Niamh Fitzgibbon then in wetsuits, Eilis Burns, Stephen Lynn, Kieran Nolan, Cornelius Bohane, 5 laps around Sandycove Island as part of the 2008 Irish Champions of Champions
Amy Wolfe 5 miles and 3 miles in Dover Harbour as part of 2008 BLDSA Champions of Champions
6-hour qualification swims in Gozo Steven Black plus Liz Buckley (wetsuit) plus Noel Whitty (4 hours)
6-hour at Sandycove: Diarmuid Boyle, Nick Caine, Andrea Gellan, Charles Harper, Eddie Irwin, Thomas Kofler, Fredrik Kumlin, Kevin Murphy, Carl Richards, Breccene Ennis, Enda Kennedy, Craig Morrison (wetsuit), Neil Morton, Kieran O'Sullivan (wetsuit), Alan Smith, Karen Throsby, Andy Williams
8-hour swims at Sandycove: Robert Bohane, Donal Buckley, Ciaran Byrne, Gábor Molnár, Paul Massey
6-hour swim Danny Walsh
8-hour swim at Caherdaniel Jennifer Hurley
8-hour swim at Clonakilty Chloe McCardel
5-hour swim Inniscara Padraig Leahy
Speckled door and a double lap of the island (5 miles) as part of the Champion of Champions – Julieann Galloway

6-hour swim: Alan Clack, Kevin Williams

6-hour swim: Bethany Bosch, Jim O’Connor, Alan Rodgers, Sarah Tunnicliffe, Stephanie Voss
8-hour swim: Roisin Lewis and Fionnuala Walsh
10-hour swim: Carmel Collins and Páraic Casey (wetsuit)
4-hour swim: Deirdre Ward

May – Guildford Lido (2°C night air temperature) – 1 mile every hour for 24 Ned Denison
7-hour swim: Milko van Gool
6-hour swim: Bryan Avery, Jackie Cobells, Patrick Corkery, David Dammerman, Ella Dunn, Lynsey Dunne, Sylvain Estadieu (butterfly), Rory Fitzgerald, Brian Lanahan, Kari Lienhard-Hardman, Cormac McKenna, Ger Kennedy, Trevor Malone, Maeve Mulcahy, Anna-Maria Mullally, Penny Palfrey, Ranie Pearce, Jowita Pleskot, Ken Rodgers, Haydn Welch and in wetsuits, David Lee, Una McIntosh, Sarah McSweeney

6-hour swim: Adam Walker, Adrian Healy, Alexia O’Maraa, Annabel Lavers, Colleen Mallon, Dan Curtis, Daniel Martinez-Lobo, Denis Flynn, Eoin O’Riordan, Jason Betley, Jeremy Irvine, Kate Robarts, Kate Steels-Fryatt, Keith Garry, Kieran O’Connor, Mark Evans, Maura Twomey, Philip Hodges, Steve Payne, Thelma Jones, Zara Bullen and in wetsuit, Alex Jeffers
5-hour swim: Gordon Adair
3-hour swim: Orla Houlihanr
Fergus Galvin, Jonathn O’Regan, Brian O’Shea (wetsuit), John Ryan and Jim Shalloo 5 miles and 3 miles in Broadstrand as part of 2014 Irish Champions of Champions
Steve Foster (wetsuit) 10 laps

6-hour swim: Carol Cashell, Orlando Hill, Matthias Kaßner, Sarah Kenyon, Volker Koch, Mike Latham, Kristina O’Donovan, John Tierney, Cyril Desmond and David Hodge (wetsuit) 5 miles and 3 miles, and Audrey Burkley 5 miles in Broadstrand as part of 2015 Irish Champions of Champions
Steve Foster (wetsuit) 10 laps

8.5 km Majorca: Riana Parsons and Marie Watson
8-hour Lough Ine Bernard Lynch
6-hour swim: Brendan O’Brien, Clodagh Murray, Gary Frost, Ion Lazarenco, Max Beer, Peter Huecker, Shubham Vanmali, Wes Nolan
5-hour swim: Audrey Burkley

Ned Denison writes, "This list records accomplishments – which normally means reaching the end and completing the swim. In the case of the marathon solo swimmers who did not reach their destination, they accomplished in a different way. They had the courage to announce and act on a dream, dedicated years, sacrificed, trained and mentally find the courage to take on the challenge. Some began their attempts, but they didn’t make it to the other side and others never had favourable weather and hence didn’t even start. We salute them for the most epic of goals. When any of these swimmer do return and complete, their names will be placed elsewhere in this document and deleted with delight from this section."

*Irish Sea: Stephen Redmond
*North Channel: Imelda Lynch
*English Channel solo: Páraic Casey (who passed away one kilometre from France), Steven Black, Carmel Collins, John Kearney, Roisin Lewis, Anne-Marie Mullally, Catherine Sheridan, Danny Walsh
*English Channel relay: Rian Herlihy
*Around Jersey: Liz Buckley
*Strait of Gibraltar: Noel Browne, Michael Hurley
*Loch Lomond: Ned Denison
*Apache Lake: Finbarr Hedderman
*Roosevelt Lake: Anne-Maria Mullally
*Fastnet to Baltimore: Ned Denison
*Formigues Illes to Medea: Robert Bohane, Ciaran Byrne, Carol Cashell, Lisa Cummins, Ned Denison, Angela Harris, Orla Houlihan, Liam Maher, David Merriman, Jonathan O’Regan, Eoin O’Riordan, Riana Parsons, Alan Rodgers
*Around Hare Island: Steve Black, David Merriman and Owen O’Keefe
*Courtmacsherry to Old Head: Ned Denison

**Donal Buckley and Roisin Lewis were typically not Cork residents – but were adopted as resident because they spent so much time at Sandycove. While not adopted yet, we note Brian Lanahan from Charlestown, South Carolina (USA), Sarah Tunnicliffe (UK) and Kevin Williams (Kerry) earned a 100+ laps cap after several years at the Cork Distance Week.

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