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Monday, December 24, 2012

Nova Masters Triple Crown In The Pool

All kinds of swim teams and swimmers did their 100x100s (one hundred one hundreds or century swim) in December.

Under the leadership of Michael Collins, the Nova Masters swimmers of Irvine, California puts a different spin on their distance freestyle swims. They annually do a Triple Crown during the American holiday season.

"We have special swims in November, December, January called the Triple Crown. No equipment is used, but athletes can bring hydration on the pool deck during the Triple Crown," explains the renowned adult swimming and triathlon coach.

The three swims are as follows:

Part 1 includes 50 swims on a 1:40 interval for a total swimming time of 1 hour 24 minutes total time
Part 2 includes 75 swims on a 1:30 interval for a total swimming time of 1 hour 53 minutes total time
Part 3 includes 100 swims on a 1:20 interval for a total swimming time of 2 hours 14 minutes

Coach Collins lays out the rules for the Triple Crown:

1. Swimmers are not allowed to get in once the set begins.
2. Swimmers must do every repeat without sitting any out. If a swimmer is close to missing the chosen interval or need extra rest to re-fuel or hydrate, they can swim a shorter distance.
3. Swimmers cannot miss their chosen interval. If swimmers come in after the sendoff time, they must deduct one length from that repeat. For example, if they are alternating 100′s and 75′s on the 1:30 interval and they come in on the 100 at 1:32 it only counts as a 75.
4. Swimmers cannot use any equipment such as fins, paddles or buoys.
5. Swimmers must leave :05 apart and no earlier. 0:10 apart is OK if there is space in the lane.
6. Swimmers must complete all 3 practices to be listed in the Triple Crown final results.

The results of the Nova Masters' Triple Crown are listed here. 40 swimmers did it in 2010 including Jeff Crossen, Jen Schumacher, Bill Sieck, Dan Schumacher, Lee Jacobs, Bach Le, Michelle Brown, Steve Schumacher, Jeff Rovinsky, Randy Kallick, Tanya MacLean, Alex Chueng, John Dauser, Larry Cohen, Kathy Barnett, Gregg Amber, Joe Maehler, Steve Metavesko, Ken Wong, Kurt Kohlhase, Nina Jordan, Kevin Sheraren, Jill Rendl, Kevin Jacobs, Coleen Yanco, Astrid Cybulskis, Wendy Theders, Christine Masterman, Cori McConkle, Ken Peterson, M.J. Huscz, Heather Stolte, Maureen McKinley, Franco Finizio, Robyn Kehrli, Kim Thornton, Kristi Dauser, Tom Guntrip, Kate Meloney, and Emily Perez.

2011 Triple Crown Part 1 Nova Masters from Nova Masters on Vimeo.

Note: the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming is vastly further and different than the Nova Masters pool swimming set. It is an achievement only 67 people in history have successfully completed and includes a solo swim of the following 3 swims: (1) 21 miles (33.7 km) across the English Channel between England and France, (2) 20.2 miles (32.5 km) across the Catalina Channel in Southern California, USA, and (3) 28.5 miles (45.8 km) around the Manhattan Island in New York.

Those individuals include 1. Alison Streeter (UK)2. Taranath Narayan Shenoy (India)3. Rick Barthels (USA), 4. Bob West (USA)5. Peter Urrea (USA)6. Carol Sing (USA)7. Antonio Argüelles (Mexico) (twice, in 1999 and 2009), 8. Nick Olmos-Lau (Mexico)9. T. Scott Coleman (USA)10. Rebecca Jackman (USA)11. Kevin Murphy (UK)12. Kathleen Wilson (USA)13. Forrest Nelson (USA)14. Andrew Hewitt (USA)15. David Blanke (USA)16. Elizabeth Fry (USA)17. Marcia Cleveland (USA)18. Bill Hoehn (USA)19. Sally Minty-Gravett (Jersey Island, UK)20. James Pittar (Australia)21. Scott Richards (USA)22. Andrew 'Alan' Voisard (USA)23. Tina Neill (USA)24. Rendy Lynn Opdycke (USA)25. Michelle Davidson (USA)26. Michelle Macy (USA)27. Tom Hecker (USA)28. Erica Moffett (USA)29. Nancy Steadman-Martin (USA)30. Michael Miller (USA)31. Nick Adams (UK)32. Elaine Kornbau Howley (USA)33. Stephen Autry (USA)34. Jeffrey Cleveland (USA)35. Sakura Hingley (UK)36. Samantha Simon (USA)37. Jim Barber (USA)38. Craig Lenning (USA)39. Mallory Mead (USA)40. Dave Barra (USA)41. Penny Palfrey (Australia)42. Dan Richards (USA)43. Tobey Saracino (USA), 44. Yesenia Cabrera (Guatemala), 45. Michael Renford (Australia), 46. Mo Siegel (USA), 47. Anthony Zamora (USA), 48. Brad McVetta (USA), 49. Jaime Caballero (Spain), 50. William "Davis" Lee (Bahamas), 51. James Fitzpatrick (USA), 52. Darren Miller (USA), 53. Miquel Suñer Comalat (Spain), 54. Eddie Irwin (Ireland), 55. Selina Moreno Pasagali (Spain), 56. Katie Benoit (USA/Germany), 57. Hendrik Meerman (USA), 58. Sarah Thomas (USA), 59. Dan Boyle (USA), 60. Barbara Held (USA), 61. Mariel Hawley (Mexico), 62. Dave Smith (USA), 63. Cindy Walsh (USA), 64. Jaimie Monahan (USA), 65. Ned Denison (Ireland), 66. Gabor Molnar (Hungary), and 67. Roger Finch (South Africa).

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